November 30, 2006

Bad Mom things

Okay, most of us who are Moms have done some despicable things which we will NOT mention. Here is a couple that I WILL mention... and I would like to let everyone know that I am not proud of all of them... but some of them I am kind of proud of!

1. I have stuck a pacifer/sippy/ spoon in my mouth to clean it after it has fallen. (Hey, doesn't 65 second rule still count?)

2. I have let my son watch something borderline appropriate just to get a minute of rest. (It is only TV-14 if you don't cover his eyes during the questionable parts.)

3. I have let my son play with questionable objects. (Make-up brushes are okay, right? I'm not scarring him for life, am I?)

4. I have breastfed in compromising situations. (And I would do it again, in a heartbeat. If it bothers you, here's the great things about eyes, they have the ability to LOOK AWAY.Take advantage of it!)

5. I have missed, on numerous occasions, my pre-mommy life. (Come on, we all have. If you haven't, I must question your pre-mommy life.)

6. I have sometimes stared at pictures of my baby in awe and amazement. Don't we all think we have the most beautiful baby?

7. I have shown MASSIVE amounts of PDA in front of everyone.

8. I let him have a sip of pop (or soda, if you prefer) to get him to quiet down.

9. I have used my dog as a bribe. (If you haven't, your offspring does not love animals as much as mine does.)

10. I have cried about being a bad mom, only the next day to feel that I am a great mom.

Parenthood is a roller coaster isn't it? Yet I would not change anything about it. I also can't wait to have another one (as long as I don't think about the logistics for too long!! :)

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