September 20, 2009

Number 300 Giveaway Contest

This is shocking... I've made it to my 300th post!

I have probably wasted more than 300 hours on this blog. Okay, I know I have wasted that much time on my blog. Scarily enough, this is making me want to celebrate and have a giveaway... not any old giveaway, but a scavenger hunt/trivia giveaway! If you win you will win a 25$ Target Giftcard.**

Second place prize is the annual Janna-created Mixed CD, made to your specifications (as long as they don't include Christian Rock, Death Metal or County. I don't have any of that.)

Psyched to enter?

Here are the rules:

To enter, you must answer one of the questions I ask. Any question is fine- and you may look these up in my favorite posts, about me or archives section (or you can use the search tool on the right hand side).

To gain additional entries you can:

Answer more questions (Each question answered correctly is an entry.)

Follow me on twitter (2 entries)

Repost this giveaway on your blog and link back to my blog (4 entries)

StumbleUpon, Kirtsy or Digg any Janana Bee blog post that you've particularly enjoyed (2 entries)

*Please comment to recieve credit on each entry. When the contest closes (on Wednesday, Septmenber 23 at 11:59pm) I will use to pick a winner out of the comment numbers, so make sure to make a comment for each entry.*

Here are the questions. Each question answered correctly is an entry.

1. How many times has Mr. Bee wrote a guest post?

2. What is the name of the man I think looks like Mr. Bee?

3. Which of the four seasons is overrated (according to me)?

4. What exactly is in that tupperware container?

5. Which Sweet Valley High twin did I want to be- Jessica or Elizabeth?

6. What college basketball team do I root for?

7. What is Drew's favorite song?

8.What is my nickname for Drew?

9. What is my nickname for Jacob?

10. Who did people say I look like?

11. What am I training for?

12. What is the "bullet"?

13. We have a little elf friend... what is his name?

14. What music festival do I attend every year?

15. How old am I?

16. What is my newest "gulity pleasure" TV show?

17. What are my children's names?

18. How old are both my kids?

19. Name a word I want removed from my lexicon.

20. Name I word I want to stay in my lexicon.

**This is my own giveaway, I am NOT being reimbursed for anything**

Please enjoy and play- you do NOT have to have a blog to enter- just make sure to include your email adress with each entry, so that if you win, I can contact you.


  1. Helloo...I'm over here from SITS. (I think I 'know' you from over at Carma's place)?? I can't really enter your comp because we don't have Target over here but I just wanted to say hello, and congrats on 300 posts...and here's to 300 more! :)

  2. 2. Did you think Zachary Levi looked like Mr Bee?

  3. 8. Drew's called Mr Drama King or Mr Drama :)

  4. 13. Boodle!!!

  5. 19. Taxes!

  6. 14. Lollapalooza

  7. 17. Jacob and Drew :)

  8. 16. Glee!

  9. 12. Baby+Mullet

  10. 5. Elizabeth?

  11. 11. A 5k marathon :)

  12. 3. Fall!

  13. 7. Dr Poop

  14. 6.Michigan State Men's Basketball team

  15. 10.Clair Danes

    (Whew think I covered most!!)

  16. Congrats on 300! You can enter my contest, too.
    Think it's something the kiddos will like!

  17. 300 is big! Congratulations. Swinging by from SITS. I really am enjoying checking out your blog. Please enter me -- you are training to run a race:-) My email is

  18. #16- "Glee" is your newest TV guilty pleasure.

  19. Oh I know some of these without looking them up!!! Woo hoo!

    #3 = Fall (though you are so wrong on this)
    #4 = Pancake batter (if I recall correctly ... I might be mixed up)
    #14 = Lollapalloza
    #15 = Younger than me!
    #17 = Drew and Jacob

  20. you are the tender age of 30.

    (I will be back to answer more questions. Just grabbing your button to put on my button scroll :-)

    Great giveaway!

  21. gotta answer #3 first: FALL - BECAUSE FALL SUCKS!!!

  22. Michigan State Spartans...right? You're State...I think. LOL Jacob and Drew.....LALApalooza....winter sucks....or do you think fall is overrated? I think winter is overrated so I'm going with that. :)

    Congrats on 300 posts, I just passed mine about 14 posts ago. I really need to do a giveaway myself....I'm just so damn lazy to actually go and purchase something to give away!

  23. Hey Janana, I'm back in town and can finally post a comment!

    Mr. Bee has guest posted twice!

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. #15 30..... I mean not a day over 22

  26. #17 Drew and Jacob and if you are counting the older children the Shaun

  27. Oh hell, who doesn't want a gc to Target?
    I follow yo' azz on twitter

  28. 16
    Vampire Diaries! Too lazy to answer more, though I know them ALL:)

  29. ok so you have more than one, apparently. I bet you are guiltier about VD than Glee though.

    hahaha who isn't?

    Good god Imma go to bed:)

  30. Drew and Jacob are your adorable boys. AKA Mr Drama and Calamity.

    Congrats on number 300!

  31. #12 - Jacob's funky hairdo: Baby + mullet

  32. #5 - I'm going with Jessica b/c she's cooler



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