January 9, 2009

Drink, blog, Hiccup

Going out with some work friends tonight. We don't go out often (3 or 4 times a year- we should go more) so when we go out, we do it right.

Last time I went out with them got pretty carried away. resulting in the detagification of myself in a few Facebook pictures.

The night was a fun blur:

[Drinks, blah, blah, shot, blah, drink, blah, shot, blah, shot, blah, blah, drink, hiccup, love, friends, blah, blah, drink, hiccup, love, bill (ooh cheap! whaz fifteen percent?), bye!]

Then I spent the night at Sarah's house. (What did you think I was going to drive home?) It was mid-November and very cold out, but Sarah and I were on her deck, drinking and playing with her laptop (I know, we are craaazaay), talking a mile a minute.

[Blog blog blogs, drink, blogs, love Black Hockey Jesus, blogs, drink, Mamapop, blog, blogher, blogs drink, hiccup.]

A while later Sarah went inside to go to the bathroom. I stayed outside, playing on the laptop. Then I began to notice that I was completely numb and not from the alcohol. My feet were beginning to burn!

I proceeded to write this doozy on my facebook status page (I tried to take a snapshot of the screen, but I had a technology FAIL and was unable to do it):

Janna is sorah's house.... cold and at Sarah's house, but having fun.

After I couldn't stand the cold any longer, I walked inside and ran into Sarah coming down the hallway. "I fell asleep a little." She admitted sheepishly.

"S'okay," I told her. "I was just starting to get cold."

To this day, neither of us know exactly how long she was asleep.

Next morning, I woke up at 9am with a pounding headache and the dread of having to go home and be a functioning parent for my two children. But I had a great time.

What's the moral of the story here? Do I have to have a message? Well here is my message:

Shots are bad, mmkay?

Michigan is cold in November.

and.... it's good to get out with friends and let loose once in a while, even if it means sitting on a deck in November, freezing your ass off and talking about blogs.


  1. that is hysterical. I have been known to crash at a girlfriends house too on the few times I go out....much better then being woken up and asked for pop tarts at dark o clock

  2. I want to know if Sorah fell asleep on the toilet. Because that's even funnier. Shots are bad, but we'll probably do some tonight anyway. Just hopefully not as many as last time, because yeah I had a killer hangover then too.

  3. Behave. Nah, life's too short, have fun!!!

  4. Kristy, of COURSE it was the toilet.

    Yeah, the hangover the next day was intensified by the shame of knowing we were talking about frigging BLOGS all night. I know our conversations used to be cooler...

  5. Cammie- I am totally there with you on waking up at dark o'clock.

    Kristy- No shots at all. Maybe one.

    Lucy- I wish I knew how to. (Behave, not have fun.)

    Sarah- Don't kid yourselves, we've always been dorks. We just were playing euchre instead.

  6. No shots at all! Pshaw to that!

    (also, we used to talk about boys and how cute they were and how cool french kissing was...right?! or is that the sweet valley high girls? i can never remember...)

  7. I love the "Technical Fail." I wonder if you were out there for hours or minutes...

  8. Yes and thank GOD for girls nights....especially when you get to sleep over! :)

  9. Sarah- that was Sweet Valley High. On a side note, I always wanted to be Jessica, Elizabeth seemed kind of like a drip. How about you?

    The Blonde Duck- I'm guessing... 20 minutes. That seems long enough to get pretty cold.

    The Rambler- Don't I knows it! Love 'em!

  10. I don't know, I'm just faking like I was cool. I never read those books. Elizabeth was the gallant and Jessica was the goofus, am I right?

  11. Jessica was popular, but I think she had a learning disorder, Elizabeth was smart and like horses (drippy!). Both liked the color purple. Am I making this up? I don't know. My memory is fuzzy.

    PS Added the part about horses for you.

    PPS Glad somebody else read Highlights magazine.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I like how she said "No shots at all. Maybe one." We're already starting the slippery-slope into shotdom and hangoverland.

    You fell asleep on the toilet!!! Thats amazing! You're joining the ranks of my narcoleptic friend...

    (sorry I was signed in under Keri's acct by accident)

  14. This is funny stuff! I used to be air crew in the AF Reserves and we went to Iceland for a night. As soon as we landed, we got our hotel rooms and proceeded to drink at a local bar. The bartender gave us free shots of whiskey with each beer. I don't do whiskey, but I did that night. We had a good time that night and alot of it is fuzzy. The next day I asked my fellow flight crew "why did the bouncers get so made just because I walke across the stage?" The had a stripper stage but there were no dancers there when we were there. At least not that I remember. Anyway, my fellow crewmember said "because you were swinging on the pole!" LOL!

    BTW - thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  15. Holy cow does this take me way back to about a million lifetimes ago..lol..I feel old..lmao! Have soo much fun that your cheeks hurt and laugh til someone pees! Oh and I wanted to be Jessica too! How nerdy am I though that I was more like Elizabeth..hahaha!!

  16. yes, Michigan is COLD in November, except for this past weekend. Tell me you enjoyed that!!

    I'm a Michigander as well.



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