March 30, 2009

The Nipple Talk

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As Drew gets older I have noticed that he is getting more and more inquisitive. The unfortunate outcome to this inquisitiveness is that he asks a lot of strange questions about things for which I don't have answers. I was putting lotion on Drew after his bath when we had this kind of conversation. The conversation for which you can never really prepare. The nipple talk.

"Mommy, what will happen if you put lotion on these?" He asked, pointing to his nipples.

"Nothing, honey. It's like your skin."

"What are they?"


"What are they for?"

I thought for a moment. "Boys don't use their nipples for anything." Please don't ask me what girls use them for... I chanted silently in my head.

"What?!?" Drew exclaimed in his cute incredulous tone. "Why?"

"I don't know."

"We have to use them for something."

"Umm...." I thought. Seriously, what do men use their nipples for? I remember I had a trivia book with this name- God forbid I actually remember anything from it? "They are used to make sure you know which side is your front and which side is your back."

"Oh." Drew was deep in thought for a minute, then he looked up at me. "Okay!"

A little fabrication doesn't hurt now and then right? Mother of the year is right here!


Woot to Michigan State for making it the Final Four! They played their hearts out on Sunday. I couldn't be prouder to be a fan. If you have read this post, you will really know how excited I am!

Thanks to Dan River Mama @ A Kiss and a Peck for the Honest Scrap Award. My 10 honest answers can be found here. Also, I made an "awards" page where I link to all those that have given me awards. Thanks bloggy buds!

I am having serious issues with feedburner not working. If you use reader to read my blog the new posts won't show up. So if I haven't posted in a while then please check the actual website, until I get this resolved. Also, I will definitely be posting Friday Favorites this week, so if it's not updating in your Reader, please check the actual Blog for updates. Thanks for being such great readers!

Please- Send thoughts, love, support Mckmama's way. We are all pulling and praying for you, Stellan.


  1. Man, you sure handled that like a pro!! To tell front from back, I would not have thought of that-- you quick thinker!!!

  2. Good job! Haven't a clue what I would have said there!

  3. That's actually really clever! I would have just been like uhhhhh....and ran away!

  4. Oh no, this is so funny. my 3 yo has been fascinated with my 'bo-boos' lately. So I can relate to these awkward situations. :)

  5. My 5-year-old niece calls them "nickels". Haha.

  6. i love it! i am definitely gonna use that exlanation when my son asks about them!!!! i am still laughing!!!

  7. Well my daughter asked the same question but it was about mine as she was PULLING THEM!

  8. It is so wonderful to see the entire blogging community supporting MckMama and her family through this trying time. Thank you for what you are doing. I too have been sending my thoughts and prayers out for Stellan.


  9. Oh, that was good! Very funny and the moments will keep getting better:)

  10. my kid totally asked me what they were last week too.

  11. I am in awe of your quick thinking skills! I'm going to have to remember this when it come up in my house ... and it will come up, I'm sure!

  12. Great answer! I remember many years ago catching my daughter breastfeeding her stuffed She wanted to be a mommy like me because she saw me nursing her brother...too cute! You handled this really well!

  13. Nipple talk....too funny!
    I love it! :) Ha! I only laugh as I will have to have that talk someday, I am sure :)

  14. Wow, good come back Mom. I don't think I would have been able to think of something so quickly. Totally cute story! I can't wait until my son is old enough to talk and ask me what nipples are for! lol

  15. Awesome job! You need to copyright that answer and sell it on ebay.

  16. Quick thinking mom!!! It's good to be so fast on your feet. But seriously....WHAT do they use them for?????

  17. I can't imagine the questions that LB has that he never gets to ask. I feel like I should just tell him about nipples today just in case he was wondering. How funny.

  18. I have found my calling...answers kids' questions about random life things. I always have an answer for what they ask...fabrications, probably. But they're answers that squash the curiosity for the hour. :) Great answer about the nipples.
    Boo Michigan State (for reasons you understand, but I'll actually be rooting for them for one of my brackets).

  19. Visiting from SITS! That is the funniest answer I have heard! Really funny! :0) Have a great day!



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