March 5, 2009

Friday Favorites #4

It's Friday Favorites! Oh yes it's time to pay homage to all the things that got us through the week, and give credit where credit is due! Here are my Friday Favorites this week.... And yes that is my sad attempt at a button using the paint application....

My Children's school Pictures. I mean seriously, how can these not melt your heart? The best part is that I do not have to take them to get professional pictures taken, these will do for Drew's 4 year/Easter Pictures. So what if they were ridiculously overpriced? Can you put a price on Memories? I think not!

How can you NOT want to pinch those little cheeks. This pouty face just melted me!

The Ditty Bops, Moon over the Freeway. Drew picked out this CD at the library, and on a whim we rented it. It turned out to be a great collection of silly yet serious Children/Adult music. There is nothing better than the three Bees (Drew, Jacob and I) swinging our heads and tapping our toes like the Butabi brothers in the car while racing toward school at 7:30 AM.

Drew. The boy is trying to win child of the year lately. From cleaning up when I haven't even asked him to clean up, to eating all his food, to calling me his favorite person, and only wanting me to give him a bath, put him to bed and cuddle with me while we watch TV. I'm sad for Mr. Bee, but hey those are the breaks. And lets face it, I am pretty awesome. He told me the other day he knows I love him because I sing "You are My Sunshine" to him. He stopped wanting me to sing to him about 2 years ago, and I don't think I have sang it since then. It just melted this Mommy's heart to hear that he not only remembered it, but that then he wanted me to sing it to him again!

Lean Pockets. No, they aren't super yummy, but they taste okay, are low in fat, and actually quite filling for the reluctant dieter. Bonus: they were on sale. My favorites are the new "chef- inspired" kinds- especially garlic chicken white pizza. I know I have quite the palate. Okay, I'm going to be honest, I ate these for lunch all week. It was much better than the week I ate soup for lunch every day because it was on sale. OMG can you say digestive problems for that week?

MSU Men's Basketball. Congrats guys, for being Big Ten champions this year. You totally deserve it! You are THE Michigan State University. Heh. Read my post about this (and my secret love) here.

Favorite Post:

I Can't Believe You Are Returning The Kilt I Gave You

Jenny, The Bloggess- When I opened up my email to see that The Bloggess had left me a comment, The Bloggess(!) I was so psyched. And then she was thanking me for linking to her in my Giveaway Results post. It made me like her even more. I am such the fangirl!

My Willpower. As in, I have made it a whole DAY without cheating on my diet! Woot! Of course, I am posting this early, there is still time to cheat, but I'm sure I won't... right?

Okay, now here is your chance to play along.... go ahead and post your Friday Favorites, anything that you loved and got you through this week. Link up with wonderful Mr. Linky down there. Make sure you link back to me please, and leave a comment below, so I know to come check out your post!


  1. oh my goodness are they ever cute!

  2. Those boys are darling-and school pictures? Those are amazing-I love their shirts!
    Thanks for visiting my blog-I grew up in Northville!!! What a small world...We head North come summer!

  3. Aw... Those pictures couldn't be more precious! Such little angels.

    Congrats on your willpower today!

  4. Your boys are adorable! Okay, think I got you linked up. Not sure how it works, so hopefully I did it right. ;-)

  5. I had set mine up to post tomorrow, but since you posted early I am going to link mine up tonight. I created a button earlier today too, but if you want me to use yours let me know.

    The boys pics are adorable!

  6. What cuties..great pictures! I love Lean Pockets.

    I realllllly hope I have time to do Fri faves tomorrow and will sign mr linky if I pull it off. Too crazy, this day.

  7. okay, why did my school pictures NEVER turn out that cute? haha. is it too late for me to be bitter? i should let it go, i know. sigh!

  8. So I posted my current Fri Favorite, my loyal dog. Crazy as it is, he got me through this week!

  9. It's always good to have faves on Fridays. And kids LOVE "you are my sunshine" don't they? I gotta remember to sing that one tonight.

  10. O.K. I did it!!
    But, I couldn't get the button on. Actually, I couldn't get any pictures on my post, so something up with blogger.

    Anyways, those pictures of the boys, toooo cute!

    And still, MSWHO?
    P.S. my hubby says you probably will get a number 2 seed in the 'big dance'. Whatever that means and he says the Buckeyes will be lucky to win the first game.

  11. You guys, these are awesome! I love them all. You really took the idea and ran with it. Also, next week I will make the button a little smaller, that thing is a beast!

  12. Look at those cuties!!!! So adorable. And you will never think about Lean Pockets the same way again after you hear Jim Gaffigan's comedy rant on them.

  13. Hey... I think the button looks pretty good. You did better than me -- at least it doesn't take up the entire post space!

    And I love the school photos. My son's school did that this year and they came out great ... and you don't have to do all the hassle of going yourself. Woo-hoo.

    And kids being loving is the BEST!

    As a totally relucatant dieter, I'll have to check out those Hot Pockets and see how they taste.

  14. Oh, I haven't given any thought to what got me through the week, but I'm leaving a comment anyway! Your boys are so cute--I did want to pinch those cheeks! I remember the You Are My Sunshine song. And I (secretly) like hot/lean pockets. For some reason I feel guilty about that!

  15. Your boys are so cute!! Great job on staying on your diet too!

  16. Awww....I love the pics! They are adorable!

  17. Woot! Thank you so much for including my post in your Friday Favorites! Wow - I really appreciate that (even though I'm late in commenting - I'm sorry).

    Your blog is so great...I love it.

    Thanks again and take care...

    :^) Anna



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