March 4, 2009

The Madness of March

It is March.

Many of you are excited, thinking that March means spring.

You are mistaken.

To me, March means something different.

It means the Madness has begun.

The March Madness.

Hello, my name is Janna and I have been keeping a secret from you. I am a MSU Men's Basketball Fanatic.

I went to Michigan State University from 1997-2001, during the era of the Flintstones, and the Golden Years of MSU Basketball. Back when Coach Tom Izzo had a baby boy and gave the boy a the name of Steven Mateen Izzo, named after Mateen Cleaves, Flintstone and amazing point guard for the Spartans. I cried along with Mateen when he kissed the floor of the Breslin Center on Senior day. What can I say? I am nerdy cool like that. I was also overwhelmed with beer emotion the day they won the NCAA championship. It is a little blurred, but I remember feeling as if I had won as well. It was a magical moment, one of my favorites in College. Oh yeah, and I had a big crush on this guy:

Ahh... my love for Morris Peterson (Mo Pete, as many only I affectionately refer to him) will never flicker out. Mr. Bee was a little jealous, but the way he shot his free throws...

Ahem. Getting a little hot in here?

Anywho...there have been a lot of great seasons since 2000, but none with quite the magic of that season. This year, however, the team did the unthinkable. They won the Big Ten Title, the first time since 1999. It's a good sign right? I'm a little unsure of the team this year, I mean their free throw record is horrible and they don't have a very good offense, but I want to believe. I want to be excited at the the possibility of a Big Ten Championship win, and a possible number one seed. I think I am regaining my madness. I can see what will happen now....

There will be many beers drank.

There will be many swear words uttered.

There will be many nails bitten.

There will be many tweets.

There will be Mr. Bee throwing the remote in protest.

There will be at least one day where I lose my voice.

It will be great.

Or, at least it will be fun.

Do they have the team to do it again? Who knows? The road to the final four has many twists and turns. I'd like to believe they have a shot, I'd also like to believe it will be above 50 degrees before May in Michigan. We shall see....

PS I know you guys have not forgotten about Friday Favorites. Tomorrow! Oops, wrote tomorrow, really meant Friday. Mr. Linky! Supah dupah fun! Get going!


  1. I get it, believe me I do. I am a big Seahawks fan. Well that is until this last season when they sucked big fat donkey balls.

    P.S - my son has the same jammies your sons have on in that one picture and those are his absolute favorite. Seriously he would live in them if he could.

  2. Oh, my, we get caught up in it over here too. Seeing how, Maddie is our little basketball player. BUT, I know I keep myself fairly anonymous but you are killing me seeing how we come from the land of the school with "the best damn band in the land" that should be a hint as to who we root for in the Big Ten. Or, I guess I could go allll the way and just say We wear the colors 'Scarlet & Gray'.
    Yep, that says it all!!!!
    Go Bucks!!!

  3. How have we not watched a game at the bar together yet this year?? Cripes, some fans...
    We'll have to remedy that with a quickness.

  4. Janna, I love you, but I have three words for you (don't take this personally):

    Let's go Huskies.

    I can't help it! I'm from the Nutmeg State! I gotta cheer for my team!!!

  5. You're in Michigan? Me too! We used to live in Okemos but now we live about 2 hours from there.

    I had no idea you were a fellow Michigander! Yippee!

  6. Nothing like a crazed sports fan no matter the team you pull for! I am a football kind of girl. And I root for the OSU Buckeyes (sorry) and the LSU Tigers. SEC and Big 10 teams so I can love both! The national championship game in 2007 was a win/win situation for me. What were the chances of them meeting in that game? Slim but it happened!

  7. Oh Lord ... you are one of THOSE!
    Enjoy your madness!

  8. Oh my, can't believe how many Buckeyes fans read my blog. Tsk tsk, I don't know what to say. I asked Mr. Bee for a good Buckeyes insult, and he said to say that we are THE Michigan State University, (apparently Ohio State calls itself THE Ohio State University?!?) Yeah, it's over my head, but there's my comeback to you.

    And um, Sarah? I know! Maybe next week during the Big Ten Tournament?

  9. Oh, Poor Mr. Bee,

    We are:


    O - H - I - O

    Go Bucks!!!

    and it is MSWHO?

    sorry, I just had to do it.
    And you know I watch very little sports but the rest of my family are fanatics, matter of fact, since I have season tickets they beg for my ticket, so I divide it up (although, now Maddie usually gets it) I just never go but when you grow up living it, I guess it becomes a part of you.

  10. Ah, yes. The Madness. I live in NC, where the odds of having at least one team get into the Final Four tend to be pretty good. More than one in the finals is awesome (I root for all teams.) Craziness commences!

    BTW, I also have a friend in a mixed marriage (Duke/Carolina) who is due the night of the final. This should be interesting.

  11. No freakin' way. Janna Bee is a March Madness fan. I LOVE it. The image of you getting a bit tipsy and yelling at your TV is very entertaining!

    Thanks for the super fun mental image.


  12. I get it - seriously, we are BIG basketball fanatics too!!!
    ESPN a must at our house!

  13. Sounds like it will be a fun time around your house. I get that way with GA Tech football...

    Thanks for sharing with Best Posts!



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