March 20, 2009

Friday Favorites #6

It's Friday Favorites time! Oh yes it's time to pay homage to all the things that got us through the week, and give credit where credit is due! Here are my Friday Favorites this week....

Hoo boy- I won't deny it- this has been a ROUGH week. Between feeling nauseous for no good reason and PMSing being a general grouch and fighting with Mr. Bee- oh yeah, we fight- and working a lot of hours, I have had a hard time thinking of what GOT me through this week. But I struggled through, and obviously you did too. Hey we all made it! Here are the things, big and small that got me to the end of the week:

Fridays! On rough weeks like this one, I am glad to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

Tax Refunds! Thank goodness. We needed this to take a vacation, buy fun things, go out to dinner buy new brakes, eyeglasses and sensible shoes for Mr. Bee.

The number 4. So far 4 (as in 4 years) has been a lovely age for Drew and Drew has been an angel. He's still my affectionate little boy- but he can wipe his own butt, brush his teeth and get a glass of water by himself. Yay for 4! Age 4- you (and Drew) are rocking so far.

The NCAA Tournament- The one time of year Mr. Bee turns on sports and I get really excited. Must cherish these few and far between moments.

My Stomach Bug- Hey I haven't wanted to eat at all! This might be a good thing.

This Post:
If I Go-Go, this is a No-No

Giveaways! Today I received a beautiful necklace in the mail- Thank you Debra! I love it!

These dead flowers. Because they were a gift from my little sweetie- Drew. They are pretty ugly-and it's the thought that counts! ----->

Posting my Friday Favorites. It really brightens my mood! I feel better already!

What are your Friday Favorites for this week? Write a post and link to Mr. Linky!
And PLEASE link back to this page so people can read about Friday favorites.


  1. this is horrible to say, but I'm glad you guys argue every now and then-- just like us!! MB and I go together like oil and water on most days :-D
    nice friday faves!

  2. The day my daughter started wiping her own butt was GREAT DAY! lol! Love your faves!

  3. You are sick too? Sounds like a rough week and yet you pulled some bright spots out. It really does help perk you up.
    Love the flowers!!!
    When you have time drop by my Friday Favorite post for something special:)

  4. Awesome Friday favs! I hope your weekend gives you some recovery time from the past week. :-)

  5. I received my gift from Debra too!!! :) She rocks. Debra got us both through the week.

  6. Love your favorites.. my week was going okay until I got hit with whatever sickness my son has and it knocked me out (literally, took a two-hour nap). I've also been feeling nauseous and yucky on top of it, so I'm with ya there!

    Sorry, I didn't get to do FF today, but I benefited from reading yours!

  7. Loved your Friday Faves. I am posting mine soon as I finish commenting on yours.

    I love this Friday favorites theme. It's like a review of counting your blessings. We have so much to be thankful for.

  8. I can totally relate to pmsing and fighting all week. Hope the next week is better for you.

  9. Hi Janna!!! Thanks so much for featuring my blog on your awesome site!!! xoxo Liz

  10. Ah yes, PMS + fighting = me this week, too! It's nice that I'm also on the same cycle as my blog friends. :)

  11. I hear you on the bad week ... but at least it is OVER and maybe the weekend will turn things around. I agree with you -- 4 is a great age! Much more independence, a little rationality and reasoning, and their true personality starts to assert itself more and more.

    And we had the same problem with our tax refund -- dreams of vacations, treats and gifts but then it had to go to all practical, boring stuff. But I'm not complaining. It is good to have ANY money coming in these days.

    Hang in there and treat yourself to some down time. Seems like you need it.



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