June 4, 2010

Drew and Jacob's Vacation Playlist

In honor of our vacation coming up, I decided to dedicate a playlist to our children's favorite songs, since I will be forced to listen to these a million times on the 3 1/2 hour car ride (Gah! 3 1/2 hours! The kids complain on 1 hour car rides! Thank goodness for portable DVD players). I try to mix kids and regular music in for them when we listen and this list reflects that. Basically, Jacob likes to dance and Drew likes silly songs.
  1. S.I.M.P. (Squirrels In My Pants), 2 Guys n the Parque (Drew)
  2. I Like to Move It, will.i.am (Jacob)
  3. A-Punk, Vampire Weekend (Jacob)
  4. Dr. Worm, They Might Be Giants (Drew and Jacob)
  5. Gitchee Gitchee Goo, Phineas and the Ferbtones (Drew)
  6. The Hamster Dance, The Hit Crew (Drew)
  7. Viva la Vida,  Coldplay (Jacob)
  8. Boat Of Car , They Might Be Giants (Drew and Jacob)
  9. We Are The Dinosaurs, Laurie Berkner Band (Drew and Jacob)
  10. Alright With Me, Kris Allen (Jacob)
  11. We're Going To Be Friends,  Jack Johnson (Jacob)
  12. First Day Of My Life,  Bright Eyes (Drew)
  13. I Gotta Feeling, Black Eyed Peas (Jacob)
  14. Island In The Sun, Weezer (Drew and Jacob)


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