June 25, 2010

Giving life the finger

While on our vacation we encountered some of the worst traffic and drivers ever. This fact, combined with our Garmin deciding to go all "rogue" on us and taking us through the lovely city of Canton, MI, no matter where we were supposed to be heading, made us a little loopy.

At this point, we started to tell the children to give everyone [bad drivers, people acting stupid, or any signs of construction or traffic, which was everyone, really] the finger. This consisted of the children pointing very strongly in random directions with their index finger. It was hilarious on our vacation, however,

I hope Drew didn't tell his kid-camp mates to do the same on all of their field trips.  His teachers might not understand the hilarity.

Anyway, being gone this long, and not reading any of your blogs is like giving all of you readers the finger. It's really not intentional, life is just getting in the way. Can I give life the finger?

Thanks, Jacob!


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