June 8, 2007

Drew and Shaun Go Shopping!

So, as a favor to me, Shaun decided to pick up Drew from childcare and go grocery shopping. I was pretty excited (although I do this same task ALL of the time), I sent him a list at work through email, and began to get all excited to get my cleaning done for the week uninterrupted. (I'm a crazy gal, aren't I?) So, here's a rundown:

5:20 p.m.- I sit down and rest for a minute. No rest for the weary, I get up and start vacuuming.

5:55 p.m.- Wow, that was tiring. I sit down with a snack and get ready to watch My OC reruns on the Soap channel (guilty pleasure!)

6:15 Shaun calls, he's just picking up Drew. Wow, it's going to be a late one for them- too bad so sad. I realize I should probably fold laundry while watching TV.

7:00 All done and my "story" is all done too. I work on the dishes, and make mac and cheese, as we only have those ingredients in the house.

7:20 Mac and cheese is done. I call Shaun- he tells me they are a quarter of the way through the list and wants to know which kind of diapers he should buy, trying to figure out unit price for each.

"Just buy baby dry", I tell him, and then I tell him to not be so critical.

"Drew's getting fussy," he says.

"He's probably hungry, go get the cereal bars and let him eat one."

"I don't know where they are." Okay, now I am getting frustrated. Then he also tells me "they don't have pledge wipes". Now I am really frustrated.

"Are you in the right section?"

"I think so, why do you sound so annoyed?"

"I'm not annoyed, you just always think they are out of something when you can't find it."

"Okay, well, I'll talk to you later, bye." He hangs up on me, and I think, am I out of line? Was that pregnancy emotions, or do I have a valid point? I am hungry- must be pregnancy brain. I go eat my Mac and cheese.

7:45- I'm so bored. I clean the coat closet. I could clean the bathroom.... but I don't want to.

8:15- I call Shaun.

"Are you almost done?" I ask.

"Almost, just a couple things.... don't get mad."

"I'm not mad, what?"

"They don't have the V8 Splash in the flavor you wanted."

"Oh," I pause. "It might be V8 frusion."

"Let me see, yes, they do in the frusion."

Oops. "Sorry honey," I say sweetly. "I'll see you soon, right?"

I hear Drew yelling in the background. "Yeah, I'll be home soon."

8:35- Geez, it's late, Drew is going to be so tired, where are they? I can't believe- oh there they are pulling in, finally.

8:55- After trying (unsuccessfully) to get Drew to eat anything but pudding, I go and get him ready for bed. He smells like sunscreen and dirt, and looks prettty awful, but it's too late for a bath tonight, so into bed he goes.

9:15 I put away the groceries that Shaun didn't know where they went (a good 60% of them).

What a relaxing time to myself I had. I hope that can happen again soon!

So to recap

2 hours 15 minutes- The amount of time Shaun and Drew spent in Meijers

1- item not found (Pledge wipes).

2- wrong items bought due to misunderstanding

1- inappropriate Juice item bought by Shaun because it had "100% Vitamin C!"

5 minutes- How long it took when Shaun and Drew got home before the house looked worse than before I started cleaning.


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