July 11, 2007

Decisions, decisions....

So after a long time of doing pros and cons, weighing all of my options, and a lot, I mean a LOT of serious soul searching, I have decided to return to work after the baby is born. I love the idea of being home with the baby and the idea of not working. I loved when I was home with Drew. What I DON'T love is the idea of being at home with the baby and a three year old. I am not the great entertainer. I can't imagine running around all day with a 3 year old who doesn't nap AND a newborn. I don't really think it is fair for Drew to be stuck inside all day while the baby naps or eats. I also think that Drew gets so much out of his interaction with his peers. He's such a shy little guy, he needs their interaction to help him stay out of his shell.

For the people that disagree or disapprove of my choice, get over yourself. Being a good parent is knowing your limitations and doing what is best for your child. For me that means a little me- time, away from the boys. I like being a separate person. I like going places with my husband and my friends without my son. Does that mean I don't miss him terribly when we are apart? No, it is one of life's annoying, heart wrenching little ticks. I miss Drew every day while I am at work. I love my son, I tell him I love him, I play with him (when I am not exhausted), and he only gets time outs when he is out of control. I will never be a perfect Mom, but I will always make sure that my children know that they are loved and that I am proud of them.

On that same note, I have TOTAL respect for SAHM's (stay-at-home Moms, to the newbies), I was one myself for almost a year. I think if you can afford it and you enjoy it and do it well, more power to you. I just know that it isn't my path to take at this time.

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