August 9, 2007

The Personnification of Food

I was driving to work when I saw a billboard. It had a picture on it of a yummy looking salmon dinner, and underneath it had the tag line "why salmon swim upstream". Yes, I am so sure that the reason Salmon swims upstream is to become a fish dinner for someone. It actually made me feel bad, the poor salmon working so hard to swim upstream, just to be eaten. I hate when people personify food. It grosses me out. Singing chocolate chip cookies getting snatched out of their car and eaten? Gross and just wrong. Even worse are the commercials with animals trying not to get eaten, like commercials with Turkeys trying to be saved around thanksgiving by trying to get people to eat ham? Oh that really wets my appetite for ham.

Now they even have Veggie tales for little kids with vegetables teaching them about religion with song and dance. So is the thought here that if personify vegetables that children will want to eat them and that they will learn to be a good Christian? What do you guys think-- if I let Drew watch Veggie Tales will he suddenly start eating vegetables and want to go to church? Did you have a hankering for raisins when the California raisins sang "I heard it through the grapevine"? Or did you still feel, as I do, that raisins are a disgusting bain on our society (along with religious singing vegetables)?

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