November 8, 2007

The Easiest Baby Ever?

When Drew was born, I remember how he took 20 min cat naps, wouldn't take a pacifier, and would sometimes be up for 12 hours straight as a newborn. I do remember that he fell asleep in his swing after this 12 hour stretch and pooped, loudly, and Shaun and I let him lay in it in his swing for a couple of hours, just to get a break. He wouldn't latch and didn't successfully breastfeed until he was 3 weeks old. At his two month appointment, I remember telling the Doctor that he was finally (!) sleeping for 2 hour stretches at night. At 4 months, he got 2 teeth, at 6 months, he got 4 at the same time. He wouldn't take a bottle and would actually starve if I didn't breastfeed him. I used to call my Mom and beg her to come over so I could sleep, or actually leave the house. When we tried to sleep train him, he would cry until he puked, hours upon hours. I love my son dearly, and he is one of the cutest, sweetest, smartest little boys ever, but he is still pushing buttons, stubborn, and always fighting to have everything EXACTLY his way. Needless to say, I told everyone that I hoped the new baby would be a little more... flexible, but I figured since he kicked me like a champion soccer player, he was destined to be quite a handful.

Flash forward to 3 weeks later. Jacob is the calmest newborn you have ever seen. He sleeps for 4 or 5 hour stretches at night, and falls asleep on his own. He will take a pacifier, a bottle, a breast.... from whoever wants to feed him. He mostly grunts, only crying if he is cold. I am so spoiled by him. Last night he only slept for 2 1/2 hours (after a four hour stretch) and I was frustrated with him in my sleepiness. No one can believe how calm he is. My Mom thinks I am going to be thrown for a loop one day and he will act differently, but right now I am just enjoying and relishing every easy moment with him. If I didn't have the sleep deprivation and the diaper duty, I would say this was too easy.

Well, I must go, I have to wake him up so he doesn't sleep through a feeding again. (!)
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Jacob doing his favorite thing!

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