July 1, 2009


Here's my update on my life:

Wake up complain that I am tired, why didn't I go to bed earlier?
Wake up Drew, he complains he's tired.
Wake up Jacob, who is way too chipper at 6:30am.
Feed inappropriate food stuffs to children.
Rush around trying to get Drew ready for school, who fights me the whole way. Jacob on the other hand is just fine and happy. They are such opposites it's not even funny!
Drop off at school. Forget something important for Drew. ALWAYS. The Drama King comes out and I leave for work with him being an unhappy mess.
Get to work at 8:03am. Believe it or not, the 3 minutes I am late ARE a big deal, yet somehow I cannot correct it!
Data entry.
Complain to coworkers.
Eat a piece of coworker's chocolate.
Lame Lean Cuisine lunch.
Eat a piece of coworker's chocolate.
Data entry.
Harass coworkers.
Drive home. Complain about traffic.
Make a semi-premade dinner. Feel exhausted from the effort.
Jacob eats a bite and wants to get down. After much crying, we let him. 5 minutes later he wants to get into highchair and tries to climb in to eat more. And repeat. And again.
Drew only eats what we make him eat as the only thing he EVER wants is cheese quesadillas.
Clean up after dinner.
Put Jacob to bed.
Complain about having to run.
Feel good and energized.
Try to watch TV with Mr. Bee- nothing on (can't wait to borrow True Blood, Sarah)
Play too long on Ipod.
Go to sleep too late.

So I am sorry I am so blah as of late! I am working on it- life just feels very full right now with the mundane and uninteresting, but I really am trying to keep it spicy with different types of entries. I imagine many of you feel the same way, at some points.

Even so, there will soon be some changes to my blog that I am very excited about! Stay tuned!


  1. Why is it that the mundane and uninteresting keep us so busy? I feel the exact same way, some days. It's truly bizarre. I forgot something important this morning, for my 4 year old. BREAKFAST. Oops. We were supposed to bring him cereal to eat. I had to make a McDonald's run and he ended up with bacon, egg, and cheese on a biscuit. Oh well. Some days aren't worth the fight.

  2. The mundane always take the longest I swear. I wish my days were filled with exciting adventures but even my days off turn into just errands and boring stuff LOL

  3. My life has been on the mundane side lately, which is probably why I haven't been posting so much.

    Are you getting a way-cool new blog design? ;)

  4. I am like your son Jacob. I can be the last in bed(I go to bed around midnight) and the first awake. I am as upbeat in the Early A.M. (I am at work at 6am) as I am in mid-day. I get blah too.....but my blah, is someone elses chipper.....hope that doesn't make you feel crappy. =) I am even like that after a long night O' drinken. its odd. I know.

  5. I'm exhausted just reading about your day :)

    The chocolate part sounds like my favorite part of the day. Of course.

  6. You'll get through it... sounds like long days. We have all been there, it'll get better. Hopefully you get some sleep tonight!!


  7. I call them the "funks" I have to make up words, like there isn't enough in the English language? Anyways, I'm trying to say I understand, hang in there, it will turn around!!

  8. Just here to say: that coworkers chocolate... yeah that's mine. It's a lure for friendship & complaints. ;)

  9. Dropping by from sits. Now following your blog. The weekend is almost here. Yay! I hope you can get some rest planned.

    Ms Cupcake.
    Zen Cupcake

  10. can i just ask why kids get a fixation on one type of food and then only eat that for the next ten years? i will never understand it and thn suddenly one day that one thing has changed and you start all over again?
    i often feel i hvae nothing interesting to blog about, but i know i like reading other blogs, even if it describes an average day, that lets me know i am normal. either that or we are all abnormal together.

  11. blog changes to come? I am intrigued and will stay tuned....

  12. I love lists like this. I think we should do these weekly so that people can compare their days :)

    LOVE the blog format changes!

  13. If only MY coworkers had chocolate!



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