August 7, 2008

Life after Lolla

Well I am back to old regular life. I could rehash my long weekend, but I've read the same on blogs everywhere, so I will make it short and sweet. Did I have a great time? Yes. What was my favorite band? Of course, Nine Inch Nails. Their set was amazing visually and aurally and I enjoyed every minute of it. What a great note to end Lollapalooza on. Another favorite was Gnarls Barkley, although I kind of was hoping that they would come out in costume and they didn't. Big surprises? Two of my favorite moments- seeing The Go! Team as the first band and also laying on the grass with an icy beer and my eyes closed and listening to Explosions in the Sky. (Check them out if you haven't heard of them, it's all instrumentals, and very moving.) The venue was perfect and everything was reasonably priced for a concert, lines weren't terrible, and it was only hot the first day.

Oh, and the main question: Did I feel like a teenager again? YES.

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