October 27, 2008

Back to the real world....

We are back from our wonderful Vacation. It was totally EXHAUSTING being there with the kids, but very fun. I was very impressed with Great Wolf Lodge. The staff was great, ridiculously nice to our children, and the waterpark was awesome and NOT BUSY. I would totally go the same time of year again. Drew had so much fun, the kid grinned the ENTIRE time we were there and at one point even said "I'm so glad we are staying another day. I am having so much fun." I mean, that's the whole point of why we went was for HIM basically. He went on tube slides and the lazy river... everything except the little kid slides. (Don't ask me why he would go on the big tube slides and not the small one, the boy is an anomaly.)

The only part of the trip I would change would have to be where I got the directions to go Great Wolf Lodge. Everyone, heed my warning: DO NOT USE MAPQUEST. For no reason, they had us go off the highway onto a dirt road, which then turned into a one lane seasonal road which was more like a dune with a CLIFF on the side so we couldn't turn around. And no, I didn't have any weird requests figured in, like avoid highways- it just veered us off the highway (which we figured out on the ride home, if we followed it it lead right to the next highway we were supposed to go on) so why did it make us veer onto a dirt road? It wasn't any shorter. During this drive I spent the whole time trying not to have a panic attack as we went farther into the wilderness, I could totally hear the theme song for Deliverance in my head (Dueling Banjos, I think). Did I meantion we were on it for about 5 miles and the directions said 2 miles? Finally we saw pavement and I gotta tell you it was a beautiful sight. So my suggestion is please don't ever use Mapquest. I mean what effing map website would take you down a SEASONAL one way dirt road instead of a highway? As my husband said "we should've known something was weird with the directions when they wanted us to go down 19 1/2 road. It's a 1/2 road, for godsakes." Anyway, rant over.

Oh wait, you wanted pictures? I took pictures! They are on my other blog, and they are really cute.... here is a preview: And this is all you are getting from me, because I am lazy! Just click the linky on "I took pictures".

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