November 16, 2008

It doesn't take much...

This morning, Jacob was having a rough time. He was very whiny and cranky. Every time I picked him up, he cried and squirmed. When I would put him down he would reach his arms for me to pick him up again. (Does everyone have this problem with their little ones? I swear it is THE most annoying thing babies and toddlers do.) He also managed to take Drew's cup and spill milk all over the room. I had just about had it with him when he turned toward me, picked up a ball and said "ball" for the first time in the most angelic baby voice ever, and threw the ball toward me. I just melted. All my frustration was gone, and I couldn't help but pick him up and give him tons of kisses. Of course, then he squirmed to get out of my hands, but this time, I didn't put him down.

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