January 29, 2009

Networked out!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the various social networking outlets? I do. I have 4 email addresses. Yep, that's right. I have an AOL, Gmail, Work, and Yahoo (for fantasy football, I never use it otherwise) email accounts. I am registered on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Friendster (what? I know, I forgot it even existed to got an email about it, on my AOL account of course) and the other day, when googling my name, I saw that I had registered for Bebo. WTF is Bebo? I feel a little out of control with all the possibilities of ways to contact people.

The ones of these I actually check regularly are Facebook and Twitter. I used to love MySpace , now it seems out of date and clunky, like if I were using a cell phone with no Internet capability. Facebook seems like much more fun, not quite as garish looking (I'm all about simplicity these days, I need it somewhere!) plus it is the perfect spying tool. I love telling the Internet phobic Mr. Bee all about what his friends are up to, before he knows. Then when he complains, I tell him I will set up his facebook account. He quickly shuts up and walks. slowly. away. from the Devil Box.

Even so, there are 10 things that OMG I EFFING HATE about Facebook. Here they are in no particular order. Please don't be offended either, because I have done all of these things to someone at some point. It's the nature of the beast, right?

1.Okay, I do NOT want another plant for my (Lil) Green Patch. I don't want it, and I don't want to save the rain forest by taking part in this scam application. Don't keep sending them to me so that you can get the one that somebody else sent you! For the record I hate the rain forest, I want to see it burn.*

2. Consequently... (Lil) Blue Cove? You are like (Lil) Green Patch's annoying kid sister... "Look, I save the rain forest too! Add me! Add me!" GO AWAY!

3. Also, um, Facebook? If I wanted to be friends with this person, I would friend them. Stop suggesting them! Some of these people you are suggesting, well they made my life a living hell in High School we didn't get along growing up and I don't want to have to look at their ugly mug face every day.

4. Please don't tag me in photos where I am drunk, look stupid or have 80's hair. If I do it to myself, fine, but I can't be surprised by it one day when opening my account.

However, if you have pictures of me in overalls, please post. I miss them terribly!

5. If you ignored me we didn't talk in High School, I don't want to be your Facebook friend now! Too little too late, my wannabe friend. (Conversely, if we have never talked in real life and I read your blog and/or vice versa, then yeah, I'll be your friend.)

6. People that converse in secret code on Facebook walls. It wastes my time because I always am trying to crack it. Seriously guys, that is what your inbox is for.

7. Relationship tabs. This could get really awkward. I have seen it firsthand.

8. People that voice ugly political opinions in their status. I mean fine, if you want to put it in your info tab, but I don't need to see that shit every time I open teh FB. It's called twitter... meet up with some pals of your political persuasion and spout away!

9. The Pack Rat Application. Damn you Packrat, you wasted hours and hours of my time making me collect cards. I even added strangers to my Facebook account so that I could collect more cards! You are like a cult that tried to brainwash me, but I escaped, haha!

10. Barack Obama updates. TOO MANY! Cannot deal... must erase.....

Why am I going on and on about this? Well Facebook has a new application for blogs called Networked blogs, and you need 10 readers to claim your blog. I am short by two. Please go say you read me. I want to claim my blog.

What are your biggest pet peeves about Facebook (or any of the above mentioned social networking sites)? Leave it in the comments!


PS I hate blatant self promotion too, I am so ashamed, but "I ain't too proud to beg".
PPS Sorry about the "ain't too proud to beg" reference. Got a little confused by the overalls, thought it was 1992.

*Don't get riled up. I heart the rain forest. I hate the application that lies about saving it is all.


  1. Too funny. Yes, since I have started blogging I have found myself sometimes overwhelmed with the internet....because once I started blogging I also discovered Google Reader.....and 100+ blogs that I have put into it.

    hate myspace
    love facebook
    love twitter

  2. So funny! Facebook drives me nuts, I hate Myspace, I just don't "get" Twitter, (I don't get texting either -- I feel so old), and my Google-Reader only gets more and more out of control.

    But I do like the spy-capability of Facebook. The applications, constant tagging and super-poking, not so much.

  3. you can also claim your blog by posting a widget on your site. i tried the whole ten people thing and it didn't work for me either. :)

  4. :) nice to meet you....and all your facebook issues. I'm right there with you on a lot of them.

    I'm visiting from SITS! YOu have a nice blog here. Your boys are adorable.
    Have a great day!

  5. Okay, sadly I understood all of those and "feel your pain" about Facebook! I too hit "Delete" when I get those stupid invites to help my little green patch or whatever the heck they call it! I do like FB better than MS too though. =0)

    So hey, when you stopped by my blog, you looked at my photography blog which is...uh....boring! =0) So, if you happen to swing by again, go to SCOTTSVILLE, not the photo blog. Much more inviting, I promise!

  6. i have a love-love-hate relationship with facebook.

    little greenpatch and oregon trail requests keep piling up, but i don't really care! up to about 87 requests of one sort or another last time i checked. i also got very annoyed with some of the ranking-your-friends apps. who needs that in their life? and finally, what is up with the random friend requests from people i don't know and don't want to know? unless i read your blog, of course. :) you'd never know all this from my glowing account of social networks on my blog. hehe.

    one last thing: people who announce every last local event of which I am *already* aware of, and even more annoyingly, can't attend. DELETE!

    ps: have you seen the i am against everything bad group? covers everything from kitten abuse to environmental disasters in one group!

  7. You are now confirmed! I was #10. Can you now return the favor? I want to be networked too!

  8. Oh, my goodness you are scaring me. All I have is my blog and my email. My kids have informed me that they will kill me if I get a Facebook. I have heard about Twitter, so I thought about looking into that but now, I'm a little scared and it sounds like Facebook is prefered, oh, soooo confused!

  9. Yep, I've got work, main email, subscription email, junk email and blog email. And Facebook. And Linked In. I can't do Twitter though, much as I'd love to. I just can't spend any more time online :)

    And for the pics -- untag yourself. It's the easiest way I've found. And I hate that I accidentally friended people who I don't want to be friends with but who would make a stink if I unfriend them. And that I can't set up some of the preferences the way I want them. Otherwise, I'm with you on the pet peeves. And quit it with the stupid quizzes people -- I don't want to do them!

    And thank you so much for coming to visit my blog. Today has been so much fun and so lovely to see the response and fun comments. I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed my blog and come back to visit soon!

  10. Cammie & Juliet- My reader is ridiculous too!

    Mama's got Moxie- Thanks for the tip!

    Corey- thanks for the nice words

    E- I will check it out, thanks.

    Joy- right there with you on the events and the friend rank. I thought about including the friend rank too! How obnoxious!

    Julia- All done!

    Michelle- What's linked in? Oh, forget it, I don't need to want to join something else!

  11. This makes me glad that i don't use facebook!

  12. Oh God! I just did not need to know about the networked blog thing on Facebook...must check it out.

    I was really into Facebook for about 2 weeks before I discovered blogging and then dropped it like a hot potato. I mostly like it to share photos of my kid in a safer way...plus I kind of like the "spying" aspect of it. But the novelty of finding people from the past quickly wore off. I had two "friends" from college contact me today and I really didn't care too much about it. Didn't even write an e-mail to them. But we haven't spoken in 15+ years -- probably for a reason right?

    I'm not really sure why I'm still on it actually.

  13. Listen you JA, YOU posted those photos of yourself....!

  14. I know, that's why I said it was OK if I posted them... just not others!



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