January 13, 2009

A Note from Mr. Bee (Guest Post)

So, Janna asked me to contribute this evening to the blog... To sweeten the deal, she gave both the kids baths and put them to bed. So no pressure to be witty and hysterical, eh? Of course, having documented that she did that (I think it's worth about 120 points) could be good enough. Actually, probably not.

So what do I write about? I've never contributed to a blog, rarely read them (except for your blog, sweetie), and even just recently gave up e-mail cold turkey. I have found it rather liberating so far. I don't have to check every couple hours to make sure I'm not sitting on a chain letter (you only get so much time to distribute them, you know). As for technology, I think I'm witnessing it passing me by and giving me the finger as it passes. I'm not old (at least I don't feel old), but I just realized recently that I was still trying to understand 2003 technology, and just didn't have time to add more to the plate. I could talk about sports for a while... but this doesn't seem like the right format. So I guess I'll just talk about two of the greatest and most trying boys you've ever met with some questions/observations...

1. When a younger brother tries to emulate his older brother, why does he only copy the bad/annoying things?

2. When does a child stop thinking he's an animal? (my 3 year old is currently a hybrid skunk cat. He has all the meowing of a cat, but also wields the ability to skunk people).

3. Finally, what channel isn't showing previews for My Bloody Valentine in 3d? (I know not quite sticking directly to the point but seriously, it comes on every time I leave the boys for a second alone in front of the TV).

Well, that's all I've got. I'm not conditioned for a long blog, but I hope you enjoyed. I know I did (well, I enjoyed not putting the kids to bed).

Note from Janna: This has been a blast! A Big Thank you goes to The Scattered Mind of a Tattooed Minivan Mom for hosting this party. Check out her site for more guest posts!


  1. My Bloody Valentine is in 3-D?! What time, what channel?!

    Just kidding.

    Nice of you to be a guest blogger. Even if it was to get out of bath duty...

  2. My Hubby is the same way with technology!

  3. Hahahaha...so great.

    Glad she suckered, er I mean, convinced you to guest post for her today. :)

    Very entertaining...(not as much as Janana, though of course..wink...we got your back girl).

  4. I think technology has a way of zooming by all of us except for the really nerdy or the really wealthy. Congrats on your little break from the boys.

  5. Enjoy your little ones, in a blink they are not little!

    Oh, my gosh you gave up email, do you mean home email? My husband would die without his work email, which is also home email too. He lives and breathes his clients. Gosh, I wish he would follow your lead at least put limits on it.

    Enjoyed your thoughts:)

  6. LOL! Men will do ANYTHING to skip outta chores, lol - even BLOG!!!!

    Very cute; thanks for doing this!

  7. Hey there Mr. Bee!

    I gotta tell ya, I'm still waiting to find out when they stop thinking they're animals. My daughter is 8 and she keeps hissing and scratching at me.

    And no sh** about the Bloody Valentine thing. It's ALWAYS on.

    Thanks for guest posting and linking up!!!

  8. Ads for BV are always on...and can I just say I'm scared shitless. Seriously a 3D horror movie. I don't know that I could handle an ax coming at my head.

    Makes me wanna go.

    Great job Mr. Bee!

  9. Shaun, you are a clever writer! That being said, I'm surprised you didn't want to do some s*%t stirring political post or something...:-)
    Good job.

  10. Nice guest post! To answer question number one, they only copy the bad stuff bc they are secretly programmed to annoy you for the rest of your life while simultaneously making your heart break with love at least three times a day. Did no one tell you that? BTW? It actually will get worse before it gets better...just saying. :)

  11. Haha, this is great!!!! Didn't even realize it was 'hubby guest post' day!! He was wonderful.. although I'm not much help since I had a little girl right now. Of course, I still don't want her to see those previews!!!! Ugh. Scary enough for me, let alone her!!



  12. I still think I'm an animal, yesterday I was a rhinoceros. I need this hybrid skill your son has though, damn him!

    How do you give up email? I'm frightened for you. How do you have contact with the outside world?

  13. Visiting all the hubby guest posts!

    Very very funny! I think you should get 250 extra bonus points for making me laugh. And seriously, you are right on the money about that Bloody Valentine commercial. We even have a DVR so we always pretty much fast-forward through commercials but my little one ended up seeing it because we were across the room watching the Eagles beat the Giants in real-time. I started screaming "Look away from the TV. Look away from the TV." Probably scared my kid more from that than from the commercial.

    Hope to see you guest again! You did a great job!

  14. Love your 'observations'!

  15. I think my son stopped barking around other kids around the age of 6...

    Great post!

  16. Great post! It is refreshing to hear from a dad's perspective.

  17. Hahaha...that's some funny stuff Mr. Bee! Kudos to Janna for putting the kids to bed :)

  18. Great new design. And Mr. Bee MUST become a regular guest poster.

  19. Great post, very thought-provoking. ;-)

    And I like the new look, it's really clean, easy to read.

  20. Great blog and you so had me laughing with the Skunk Cat, I can picture it perfectly!

  21. Awesome first post Mr. Bee! I would love for my girl to pretend she's a skunkcat. That would catch everyone off guard! Oh, and get back on the technology wagon! You've got to keep up so you can keep up with your boys when they're teens! That's my main goal for staying technologically savvy--to make sure my girls won't be getting into anything they shouldn't...

  22. visiting from BPOTW .. nice :)



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