February 5, 2009

Breathing, whining, Editorializing

Bee Family Updates:

Lets start with Mr. Calamity (Jacob). Poor boy has been a coughing mess the past couple of days. This fact has not stopped him from beating up on his little toddler friends at school, however. Every day he gets an incident report and more often than not, it is for being rough with the other toddlers. Yesterday we got an incident report that said (and I quote) "Jacob ran over to one of his friends and jumped on them and scratched his/her eye for no reason". Um, tell me how you really feel? We will be discussing this incident report with the director today. They don't need to editorialize in their report. I get it, he's a brute. He is also one of the youngest, littlest guys in there, and does not understand the word "gentle". I'm trying here people, but there is no reasoning with a 15 month old.

On super cute Calamity news, he has started to say Drew's name. Of course it comes out sounding like "Dew" most of the time, but it is adorable. I was more excited for this than when he started saying "Mama". Of course, maybe that's because he says it like "MAAAAAAMMMMAAAAA" in a wail when he needs me.

Drew is still, Drew. We are trying to break him of talking about himself in the third person. It's been a rough road. Eventually we are hoping he goes back to saying "I" but only time will tell. He had a great time at his birthday party, running around like a maniac. He enjoyed his gifts, including his new easel with a dry erase and chalk board. Unfortunately one night he enjoyed his dry erase marker all over his room. He tried to be good and draw on an old piece of cardboard. "Tried" being the operative word. It ended up on walls, his white shirt and his train table. A big "d'oh!" goes to Mr. Bee and me for forgetting and leaving it out.

And Mr. Bee? Sick Mr. Bee is trying to readjust to his early morning schedule and having trouble with his head cold. He keeps "resting his eyes" on the couch, and I have to drag him to bed.

As for, me, Janana, my hectic week is coming to a close, and I am starting to feel a little better, thanks in part to the winter thaw we are going to experience tomorrow. I'm sure it will throw everyone's immune systems out of whack, but what the heck, was anyone really healthy to begin with? I have extreme DVR backup (which will just increase due to the 2 hour Grey's Anatomy event tonight) which I will be fixing swiftly on my day off. Also, I will be heading down to the library to get a book so that I can finally contribute to the other blog I am supposed to be contributing to, Girls with Books. And I will also be drinking the wineage tonight. Expect some high quality tweets, twitterers. Janna likes to hear the sound her own tweets (and talk about herself in the third person as well). Also, yes I will be dropping the little Bees off at school tomorrow. I am not ashamed.

So woot for the Bee family... hopefully it will feel like spring this weekend, and we can pretend there isn't at least another 2 months to go of snow. Thanks for letting me whine a little, hopefully I am back to my regularly scheduled program.


  1. Im sure my tweets will be fun tonight as well.....drunken tweeting....fun

  2. Good luck at your little meeting with Jacob's teachcer.

    And have uber fun with the wineage and catching up on DVR stuff!!


  3. Daycare reports are always so....ugh. Great when they're good, and when they're not...we get defensive and think they don't need to get so MEAN about it. I mean really....why get so angry because a little boy is singing "Safe a horse...ride a cowboy"? He doesn't understand!

  4. Ooh, it sounds like you have an excellent Friday ahead of you. I hope you are able to make up for the crummy week, starting tonight!

    P.S. 15-month-olds getting "incident" reports is too funny.

  5. Hooray for the thaw! Except that means mud mud mud.

    And yes I'm so familiar with the husband "resting his eyes" routine in the morning...

  6. And I will also be drinking the wineage tonight.


    hooray for wineage! I shall join you. & maybe I'll tweet too.

  7. Go Bee family!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  8. Hoping everyone is feeling much better. I got such a chuckle out of this post. And really, the day care should not make judgements like that. Perhaps he had a very good reason for his beatdown of the other child!!



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