February 10, 2009

Weekend Wrap up- a Day late and not an hour short.

Hmm, I think I will have a spoonful of anarchy this weekend,
thank you very much!

Mr. Calamity was up to his no good tricks this past weekend. These tricks involved dumping a whole bag of uncooked macaroni and plastic utensils on the floor and then trying to eat the uncooked macaroni as I cleaned it up, and spilling a whole cup of coffee on the carpet, (I know what you are thinking why did you let him get to these things? but he is fast and happened to do both things within a split second) and crying nonstop. Every time he cried he wanted only me. The first couple of times it was cute. By Sunday night... after countless crying jags and more than one incident of pounding on the bathroom door and crying for me while I tried to take care of business, it was no longer so cute.

I knew something was terribly amiss with the Jacob, so I took him to the Pediatrician on Monday. After one excruciatingly long hour of waiting, I found out he had two ear infections, AGAIN. The poor guy has had a continual ear infection pretty much since he was 8 months old. So this is his last chance. He is on extreme antibiotics, and if this doesn't work he will be referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist. I really hope it doesn't come to ear tubes... crossing fingers! We just need to make it through the winter. He's taken one dose of the Meds so far and is acting like he feels 110% better.

So today is my makeup day to him. He has been getting many kisses and hugs, one for each exasperated sigh, roll of the eyes and whining from me about his behavior. The poor little guy was SICK, and here I was annoyed with him for being grumpy.

In the running for child of the year,
as long you don't count the absence of naps...
or vegetables in his daily life.

Drew on the other hand, was wonderful. A joy to be around. This gave me a glimmer of hope that this is because of his new age (4) that he is being such a good kid. Yes, I know that this is an illusion, but let me stay in my happy place for a while, okay?

We painted on Saturday (Lookit, I got crafty! It was scary, but I muddled through!) and then took the kids to Chuckie Cheeses in Lansing. NEVER AGAIN. The place was bedlam, 1000 degrees and total pandemonium. There wasn't anywhere to even sit. I thought at one point I would pass out I was so miserable. Mr. Bee looked at me when we left and said "you're going to blog about this, aren't you?" He knows me so well. We promised to get Drew a mini dessert at Applebees (his favorite restaurant) if he would just be cooperative and let us leave the madness! At Applebees, our children were wonderful. They were both so good that I wanted somebody to come up and compliment them or congratulate us on raising such adorable wonderful kids, to which I would have said "I know, thank you" for once instead of my usual embarrassed response of "umm okay, yeah, thanks." Unfortunately no one gave me this opportunity.

I have now found the key to happiness at a restaurant: starve your children beforehand. Take 'em to another restaurant so they can see and smell food, but don't let them eat. Then drag them to another restaurant across town. Hmm, I wonder if this trick always works or is just a once-off?

There is also a new member of the Bee family I am omitting from this post, just to keep you in suspense.... I was surprised by this new member, but it is a happy addition.

And hell no, I am not pregnant. That is all I'm saying for now.


  1. What? You're not pregnant? :)

    I think that your ability to capture your boys' true selves on the camera is really quite amazing. My boy sprouts little horns all the time, but I am yet to be able to document it. Someday, you must reveal your secret to me.


    PS: The label "bad mom practices" is way off. I think "parenting outside the box" is much more appropriate. :)

  2. ohhhh, tubes are the BEST thing to ever happen to my daughter. She rocked the non stop ear infection for about 8 months. She is 2.5 and has had only one since.

  3. Winter weekends can be tough and then sickness on top of it, oh you poor thing!

    Hope Calamity feels better soon!

  4. Sorry to hear about Jacob. Poor thing! I know what it's like to have ear problems.....

  5. Oooooohhhh Oooooohhh is it an animal??? :) Sorry about little man's ears, my daughter went through that when she was little. Hope he feels better and stays feelin better! :) Loved your MeMe by the way! I will definitely be borrowing it :)

  6. I hope your baby feels better! Ear problems are never fun.

    Come visit me at www.aduckinherpond.com.

  7. Oh I've done the same thing ... been really short with my son and then felt awful when I discovered he was being that way because he was actually sick.

    And Chuck E. Cheese is a living hell! I truly cannot stand that place!!! Ugh. Glad you survived to the relative sanity of Applebees!

    Cant' wait to hear about the new addition!

  8. You totally got me at the end! I immediately thought you were preggers! Poor baby, he was miserable. I am glad he is feeling better. Chuck E Cheese? I would rather stick a needle in my than go there. LOL!

  9. I have zero idea how people can take their children to CEC weekend...after weekend....after weekend....I.DO.NOT.GET.IT.

  10. My kids and I BOTH HATE Chuckie Cheese. We actually turn down invitations to birthday parties that are hosted there. This is our new family rule and was formed after 3 miserable experiences there. It just doesn't work for us. I even had a good friend offer to take my son there for a playdate with her son and I had to say, sorry, but no. He can't go there. He'll be so very much happier at the park with a couple of sandwiches. I'll even packed the lunch for the kids.

    Hope you get through the winter without anymore ear problems ;)



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