February 7, 2009

Mr. Bee and Me: A Conundrum

Sometimes I wonder how Mr. Bee and I make it work. Our tastes are so different. He likes all sports, I hate most sports. He likes hunting. I hate hunting. I'm obsessed with the Internet, he won't even check his email. And so on and so forth.

But the topper is his movie taste. Mr. Bee has the worst taste in movies. From silly spoof movies to horrible action flicks, we have seen every crap movie under the sun. And oh, how he hates indie flicks. I have to watch those alone when they go on IFC. If it has a war (bonus!) and takes place in medieval times (double bonus!), we are going to see it. This has led to many poor movie choices, including In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege tale. Seriously one of the worst movies ever, with the WORST casting choices ever. I mean, Burt Reynolds as king? Seriously?!? Check it out for a laugh. One of the stranger things that Mr. Bee has a fondness for is this guy:

Mr. Bee has a secret man crush on Hugh Grant. In Mr. Bee's words, he finds him "charming". This is one of the only things we agree on, although he loves Two Weeks Notice a LITTLE too much for my liking. If that or any of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy are on, we are watching them. Screw it if it's on TBS with commercials, and we even own all those DVDs, drop what you are doing, it's Two Weeks Notice time.

I used to also think that Mr. Bee had good taste in music, maybe better than mine. He introduced me to many bands, like Bright Eyes, The Pogues, even Death Cab for Cutie (which he thought was called "Death Camp for Kitty"). Then he started to like this band this year:

I wonder why? His excuse? "I like the music/they are big in Europe." Really? Girls Aloud Mr. Bee? Mr. Bee, your music taste is slipping.

Sometimes I wonder, how can two people with such different tastes get along and live together? I think this answer is simpler than it seems. We have the same ideals, the same values. We have so many ideas of how to raise a family, where we want to vacation and what constitutes a good time (hint: involves a Movie theater, a Sports bar and NTN trivia). Sure Mr. Bee says he's a Republican, but really he has a Democrat's ideals. Sure he says he only likes action movies but he cried at the end of Knocked up and Juno and says they are sweet movies. (He's such a softie.) Sure, he likes Girls Aloud but... oh wait, no excuse for that one. Mr. Bee, what are you thinking?

Well, we can't agree on EVERYTHING. But I do know that we agree on the important things, the life altering things and that makes me content.

Update: Mr. Bee says that he now prefers Four Weddings and A Funeral to Two Weeks Notice, because of the ensemble cast.

He also says that he REALLY does like Girls Aloud music, and but does admit that he likes the music videos a little bit better. (Like we didn't all know that!)


  1. Funny how all the differences still bring us together. :) I am in agreement with you two about HG being charming....and I'm a sucker anytime I see a Sandra Bullock movie on tv, including Two Weeks Notice.

  2. i was so curious about the brit girls i looked them up...i agree with you. they are kylie minogue meets debbie gibson...and not in the good way. at least they are cute, but i am not putting any of my money in their pockets.

  3. I like you, Janna. Anyone who can write a post like this about her husband is someone I want to be reading. We are now subscribing to everything you post!

    I have to admit that I have never heard of Girls Aloud, but will definitely be googling them momentarily. Hilarious! Are you sure that it is the "music" that Mr. Bee likes? :)


  4. Good for Mr. B, I have found in past partners that being a Hugh Grant fan is a good trait...though it makes very little sense.

  5. Again...this post just confirms that we were separated at birth! My husband and I couldn't be more wildly different in the superficial things. I love to read; he hates it. I love independent/art films; his favorite film is "There's Something About Mary." I love all kinds of music; he picks music based on how hot the artist is (when I met him, he listened to Britney Spears). But, just like you, we have the same core values.

    Great post! I really enjoyed it!

  6. Hugh Grant is charming - in a great bad boy sort of way!

  7. I'm glad to know you all agree the Hugh Grant is charming and Girls Aloud are not. Glad you all have my back!



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