March 3, 2009

Q & A: Part 2

Here is the continuation of all the questions from my Giveaway.... Enjoy!

Q: I will ask a question if you could blog anything or interview anyone who or what would it be? -Shopannies @
Annie's Home.

A: Hmmm.... interview anyone? I am assuming living people.... I would say Barack Obama. Is this a boring answer? Obviously I find him to be very fascinating.
If I could blog anything- not sure what this means, but I would love be able to have beautiful photographs to show you on my blog. Not there yet.

Q: What are 5 things in your house that mean the WORLD to you(non-living)/you treasure above many things not because of actual monetary Value.....and why? -Kalei @ Bloggedy Blog Blog

A: 1. My Wedding Photo Album- This goes without saying.
2. Videos of the Children - Same here.
3. My yellow blankie. I still sleep with my yellow baby blankie and I love it.
4. Ian, My Ipod- Ian, my love. I would never want to part with you. You hold all of my music, my photos, games AND you have Internet access!
5. My memories box (includes my journals). Because how do you know where to go if you don't remember where you have been? Plus it holds my notes from M-Dawg.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a mom to 2 boys??? -Melissa @ My Busy Life

A: They are the sweetest little guys. I watch how Mr. Bee is with his Mom and I hope my boys are as sweet as he is, and I think they will be. Plus they keep me on my toes.

Q: My hubby makes faces, stomps around and makes rude comments about how much time I spend blogging. Do you have that problem too? If not can your hubby come and give mine lessons? -Dipaola Momma @ Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom

A: I'm having the opposite problem lately. Mr. Bee actually was on my case about NOT blogging last night. "So have you worked on another post yet?" I was like "No, I am PLAYING on facebook!" My suggestion to you is this: have him guest post and then read him all the complimentary comments about his posts- then he will be more invested. Oh, and show him that one day, maybe, just maybe you will get money from this blog. Worked for me.

Q: Do you have a secret about yourself you've never told anyone? -Reeni @ Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice

A: My whole family reads my blog so I am not going to get too crazy with this answer. Plus, I really don't have any deep dark secrets. I will tell you all that I LOVE to anonymously submit my favorite blog posts somewhere. Not saying where. I love to be anonymous, and now I am losing my cover. Geez, thanks Reeni!

Q: Do you like to read fiction? Scratch that, do you like to read PERIOD? If so, what are some of your favorite books/genres? Do you like to write/ have you ever in your whole entire life written a piece of fiction? -Bryce @ A Twin for God

A: I love to read. Love it, and I will read any genre, although lately I can only read fluff, because my mind is like swiss cheese.

The longest story I have written is 20 pages long. I have written many short stories though, and when I was in third grade my best friend and I co-wrote a story that was 100 pages long (written). I don't have it though, I wonder if she does?

Q: Did you ever (or do you now) keep a journal? I'm wondering if folks who like to blog are also prone to keep a journal or diary. -Tiffany @ Poetry & Hums

A: You guys are reading my journal. For years I kept a journal, on and off. It's some funny reading now.

Q: What's your favorite movie? And What advice would you give to a High School Senior who was going off to college next year? -Vic @ Vicupdates

A: My Favorite Movie? I have so MANY, I can't pick just one. Um... About a Boy. The Princess Bride. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Knocked Up. The Illusionist. Just to name a few....

My Advice to a High School Senior? Challenge yourself. Don't be afraid to try new things (obviously not drugs though). Don't get obsessed with finding a boyfriend/girlfriend. Above all else: Don't room with someone you know! That was my biggest mistake. Also, stick with a major you love, even if it means you have to take some classes you hate.

Q: If you had to relocate somewhere else in the US for any reason, where would you choose and why? -Suzanne @ So You Don't Get any Phone Calls from Me...

A: Probably North Carolina. Still fairly close to family and friends, yet so much nicer. If Hawaii or Lake Tahoe were closer, I would want to move there. That being said, if Mr. Bee was offered a good job opportunity outside of the Auto industry and I wouldn't have to work, we would probably move. I know that's not the answer my family and friends reading this want to hear, but it's true.

Q: Can you tell me how to do that mark-out thing on my blog? Where you strike through the words? i can't for the life of my figure it out. :) -Sturgmom @
Sturgmom, In General

A: Here is the link I used. Also, if you use blogger in draft, it has a strikeout function. Oh, but I just went to your blog, and you figured it out already!

Thanks for listening, I had a lot of fun with this. Whew, now I am tired again.

I hope you are all thinking about what is getting you through this week, because I am putting up Mr. Linky for Friday Favorites. Mr. Linky! Friday Favorites! It's going to be fun! Rah rah rah! Check out last week's Friday Favorites to see if you want to participate. There are no limits on what your Friday Favorites could be, it could be a person, a quote, a book, CD, Movie, Picture, Blog, Comment on your blog.... etc.... now is the time to honor them!

I've started my post already! It's going to be a good one!


  1. ...anonymously submitting favorite blog posts somewhere, huh? must.find.out.where. And About A Boy is one of my absolute favoritest movies ever. Hugh Grant is so fabulous in that movie. And being the mom to an only child-a boy - it is very sentimental to me :-)
    It is fun reading your answers to t these questions, because inquiring minds want to know!

  2. I just love that you sleep with a blankie (awwwww) and have named your iPod! These were so fun to read and everyone asked such great questions. You are great!

  3. I've been getting my boyfriend involved in my blog recently, too. Now he goes on and comments! I would say the answer to that is "start talking about him in the blog, he won't be able to get enough of himself!" Great questions and answers!

    lindsay ||

  4. I'm so with DiPaulo mama on the hubby problem.. he's started referring to it daily as my "crack addiction". Grr.

  5. You are being featured on Intrepid Tuesday!

  6. You are being featured on Intrepid Tuesday!

  7. Wow, you had a lot of questions to answer!

    I so love About A Boy, too.

    Can't wait to see how Friday favorites turns out for you.

  8. That's cool that you named your iPod. I have a purple Nano...but I don't think I would want to name it Barney.

  9. My friend names her car. I've never named a IPOD!

  10. Hi.
    I'm stopping by via SITS to say "hello".
    Have a great day!



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