May 5, 2009

False and True

Everyone I know is on Facebook now, including relatives and (gasp) Mr. Bee. FALSE
Everyone I know is on Facebook except for Mr. Bee, who still isn't using email! TRUE

All these same relatives are reading my blog now. FALSE
80% of these relatives are reading my blog now. TRUE

Which means that I will no longer swear on my blog. FALSE
Damnit, I can't give up swearing on my blog! I have a fondness for my potty mouth.TRUE

I have a fondness for Drew's potty mouth. Especially when he calls his car seat a "fucking car seat". FALSE
I am not fond of it, not at all. But I still love him and think it's kind of funny. TRUE
He got that phrase from me. FALSE
He got that wonderful little phrase from Mr. Bee. TRUE
I never swear in front of Drew. FALSE
I never say the "F word" in front of Drew. TRUE

Collectively Mr. Bee and Me might want to cool it on our potty mouths
/quick tempers. At least in front of the children. TRUE
My temper never gets me into trouble so it is not something I need to work on. FALSE
I still know that we are good parents, no matter our tempers/potty mouths. No one is perfect. TRUE

PS This is my BEST POST EVAH! (oh, so FALSE!)
I thought this post up while exercising today- it totally sounded better in my head. TRUE


  1. It IS a good post. (TRUE)

    You are rocking awesome. (TRUE)

  2. Ehehe! I've been working on curbing my potty mouth the last few years just in case I had children. It's not quite there yet... I figure I have another couple of months before she starts imitating me. F-uh, Darn it!

  3. Nevermind all that other stuff- did you say that Mr. Bee does not use emai???

  4. This post was as adorable as your kiddos (False).

    This post was ALMOST as adorable as your kiddos (True).

    lindsay ||

  5. My temper gets me into trouble too. All the time. (: I love this True/False post!

  6. Great post. I don't mind my relative reading my blog as long as they don't tell me what they think of it. I really don't want to have to consider the responses of people I know when I'm trying to let my creative juices flow.

  7. This was fun to read!! I'm guilty of the potty mouth too and it was pretty evident I need to cool it when last night my big twins were trying to teach the little twins some bad words. They were all going around the table saying "shit" and "ass". My husband thought it was hilarious but I was mortified!!

  8. I think you could make a hit Tuesday thing out of this true/false stuff. :) Loved it.

  9. I think this is a good idea -- TRUE.
    I wish I thought of it first -- TRUE.
    I will steal it and not give you credit -- FALSE.

  10. It is a really good post (TRUE)

    It is also very cute (TRUE)

    I tink of all my post ideas while exercising too (FALSE)

  11. You are too funny! I really liked the format of this post. You know how to keep it interesting!

    I have no advice for the potty mouth, just the other day Amber asked me if I was "pissed off".

  12. Nobody ever died of potty mouth. TRUE.

  13. LOL Great post. Thanks for being real!



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