July 13, 2009

Mr. Mine (A horrible poem with cute pictures)

"My Legos!"
"My blankie!"
"My Ducky!"
"My goggles!"
"My Broom!"
"It's Mine, Mine, Mine!"
Jacob says all too soon.

Drew tells him it's good to share
as Jacob holds his Teddy Bear.
"Sharing is what friendship is all about,
there's no need to cry and shout."

But Jacob doesn't understand or know;
he will have to learn as he grows.
Sometimes he will get really sad,
and many tantrums on the floor will be had.

Drew gives him a hug and tells him it's okay,
Once again Drew has saved the day.
Jacob picks himself up and tries again,
he is lucky to have Drew as a friend.

The End


  1. I love a happy ending. Kind of like the Frog and Toad books of my childhood :D

  2. I think the poem is great. :) This makes me want to teach the 4 year old a way to help soothe his 1 year old brother instead of having mom or dad step in. Maybe the tantrums would lessen...? Maybe? No? Dang.

  3. That was cute and they are adorable!

  4. I think the poem rocks!!! And how much are you just loving Drew???

  5. This is adorable and made me LOL. I even read it to Amber, (since she just tried to sneak into my bed) and she was very concerned about the picture with Jacob crying.

    Boy how I have missed your posts....

  6. Aww, sharing is the most difficult lesson to teach to kids. Drew is so sweet to be patient with him! He'll get the hang of it soon.

    lindsay || newyorkwords.net



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