July 2, 2009

My (Slightly Embarrassing) Freebie List

Do you know what I mean when I say "My Five"? It's the Five "freebies" you can ahem with and your partner cannot get mad. If you have seen the Friends Episode you know what I am talking about. (Psst... Mom, Dad, this is where you STOP reading! Love you- J) So I thought I would introduce you to my 5, starting with:Just kidding y'all. Don't get me wrong, Kirk Cameron was my man back in the day... but Kirk, you probably wouldn't approve of all the damn swearing and drinking I do. And, you know, I'm not 10 anymore. So no.

Anyway, I was thinking the other day that my five are kind of embarrassing. Not Kirk Cameron embarrassing but maybe somewhat cringe worthy. Why don't you be the judge?

5. Zachary Levi- I heart the TV show Chuck, and he is part of that reason I love it so. Look at the hair, those eyes..... dreamy.... sigh. Cringe worthy? That hair, those eyes... why, does anyone else think it's sad that put a "freebie" on my list that looks so much like... Mr. Bee? Or is it cute? I will settle for cute!

4. Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson- I just LOVE him. Love him on SNL, love him in the Rundown... anything can be slightly entertaining with him in it... Cringe worthy: ... including WWF, which I got to watch a lot of when I first started dating Mr. Bee. He got me through a lot of WWF shows. That, and vodka. (Sorry Kirk!)

3. TIE Robert Pattinson- There is no denying that Edward Robert is a hottie. Cringe worthy: I do feel kind of gross that he is 23. But it's not like he's
Taylor Lautner or anything. Gasp, are they ALLOWED to show these kind of pictures of a 17 year old? I mean, I just saw him in Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl! I feel dirty just looking at it, and so should you! Moving on (no he's not on my list, I am not THAT person!)

So, Robert is tied with....

Kris Allen- Also 23, wait now he's 24. When he sang Heartless, I might have swooned and voted once or twice for him on American Idol. Which is cringe worthy enough.

What, you say I can't have a tie on a "freebies" list? Hey it's my Fantasy List! On my blog! I does what I want!

2. James McAvoy- Have you seen Atonement? Go out and rent it, watch it and then come back. Or watch Becoming Jane. Or even Starter for Ten. Ugh and the accent. I heart accents. Forget the "freebie" about it, I would be happy if he could just cuddle with me and read The Time Traveler's Wife or Harry Potter or Twilight or hell (sorry again, Kirk!) the Dictionary. It almost makes me forget when he play Mr. Thomnas, the faun in The Chronicles of Narnia. Almost. Then I look at this picture.
Cringe worthy:

Oh and speaking of accents....

1. Gavin Rossdale- I thought he was hot all the way back in 1995, when he was the front man for Bush. Now he's older but like a fine wine, he just gets cuter.

See? Gavin Rossdale +baby son+ sling= adorableness squared.

Cringe worthy: Makes me almost forgive him for that DREADFUL song he released last year. (Vocoder, go the way of the 8 track, nao please?)


In all seriousness, Mr. Bee and I talk about our "freebies" when we are drinking sometimes. It's all in good fun. I hope Kirk Cameron understands that, I wouldn't want him to think badly of me!

What about my list... cringe worthy or not? Do you have any "Freebies" you want to share? And accents- hot or overrated? I think you KNOW where I stand on this one!


  1. I am shocked!! I have no such list, I only swoon over my husband (lol)!!!

    Actually, I could not possibly share my list, My goodness, I have no idea who half of the people (no more than half) are on your list. You would gross out on my list. They would all be OLD to you!! You cradle robber, you are a COUGAR!!!

    I certainly enjoyed the pictures while drinking my coffee though:)

  2. I'm having a "date" day with hubby on Friday.

    I'm gonna seriously do this and report back for sure.

    And I love Chuck and The Rock (can you smell what the Rock is cooookiinnnggg).

    Quickie story. I went to a WWF thing that came to Hawaii back in my leaner, younger days with my boyfriend (now husband) and another couple. Me and the girl rolled our eyes as we said we couldn't believe we were going to watch WWF...pshtght. Anyway, while going back to our seats from chugging a beer we saw the Rock and for some reason turned into hard core WWF girls (for the night only)...Silly girls. Swoon.

  3. Geek love for Zach ... how sweet. I'll take his fellow agent/love interest from the show off your hands if that will make it easier for you.

  4. Hahaha, have you started watching True Blood yet? Vampire Bill is definitely in my list. Note, not the actor, Stephen Moyer (though,yum). Vampire. Bill.
    Also maybe Eric.
    After that, hmmmm. R Patts, yes.
    Greg Dulli (Afghan Whigs, Gutter Twins fame). Rob Dickinson (Catherine Wheel). Viggo Mortenson.
    Except for Viggo I seem to have a thing for vampires and guys in bands.

  5. Lucy- 'Fess up!

    Rambler- Can't wait to hear the results.

    Always Home and Uncool- Yeah, you and my husband... well, I think she ALMOST makes his list.

    Sarah- I loves me some Viggo too! Can he get an honorable mention? Of course I love him best as Aragorn. Also, Rob Dickinson is HOT too...

    I left True Blood at work last night! So sad, we'll see about your other choices.

    Not feeling Greg Dulli, but I am not a huge Afghan Whigs fan, either- sorry.

  6. *gasp!* I would NEVER ever do such a thing as formulate a list ;P
    Accents are a must...seriously!
    Here's a few of mine:David Beckham, Brett Favre, Mike Komisarek (hockey player), Henrik Lundqvist (hockey layer)... I have a thing for sports hotties! AND Ryan Reynolds!

  7. My freebies aren't necessarily freebies because my wife would probably want to be there too...

    Oh and *ahem* I carried my kids in slings ALL the time.

  8. I am actually posting about Mr. Hottie James McEvoy tomorrow! lol! I loved him in The Last King of Scotland, Atonement and Wanted!

    Rob Pattinson..swwwwooooooonnnnn...

    Chuck...oh yeah...looooovvvve him...

    my hubs has a huge man crush on the Rock...ugh...

  9. I know it's all in fun, but I'm glad Kirk isn't really on the list because I think no one would respect you in the morning. Poor Kirk.

  10. Zachary Levi...I've never watched Chuck, but good choice!

    I've only got two on the freebies list. Hugh Jackman is one, and...I can't believe I'm admitting this...Conan O'Brien is the other. Yeah, he is goofy-looking, but there's something about the man that I find incredibly sexy. SWOON!

  11. That is a great list! But "The Rock?" I mean, he can be funny, but... I guess I can't really say anything because I would definitely have MacGyver on my list, even when he had the mullet.

  12. I soooo get what you mean about The Rock. He is smart with personality and seems like a true gentleman. Plus incredibly "toned." Loved him on SNL!!! And you know I like a man with a sense of humor esp dry humor a la my man crush Alec on 30 Rock.

  13. Here's the part where I admit to feeling incredibly old because I only recognize 2 or 3 of these guys.

    Veeeery old.

    Old enough to have disappointed Kirk many, maaaanny times.



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