July 28, 2009

Weekend Recap: Decidedly So


I just had a decidedly LONG weekend.


I decided to make frozen pizza for dinner because I am lazy.

I decided to have a few drinks on Friday night. I stayed up too late and "buzz-dialed" an old friend.


The kids decided they should wake up at 6:00 am instead of their usual 7:30am on Saturday morning.

I decided I was grumpy about this.

Saturday decided to rain. Thanks weather, for having my back.

Jacob decided he should cry most of Saturday.

Drew decided that he would turn off his "listening ears" at the Mall playground.

I decided to bribe Drew with brownies to get him to nap.

I decided naps were good, and napped for three hours with the kids.

I decided to make Manwich for dinner; the kids decided not to eat.

I decided to spend too much time on Facebook as my other social outlet was Twitter and I decided I was jealous of hated all BlogHer attendees.


Drew decided he would race in a 50 Yard Dash with his cousins. He "won" a medal which was "shiny and heavy" according to him, and he decided to bring it to school today to show everyone.

(The race organizers decided to give medals to all the participating children. I decided I loved them for this.)

On the way home in the car, Jacob and Drew decided to nap.

I was decidedly sad about this turn of events.

Mr. Bee came home at 2pm on Sunday.

At 2:10pm I decided to hide out in our bedroom for an hour with my Ipod on.

I decided that I was very happy that Mr. Bee was home, and I informed him of this, along with the statement "I'm not making dinner tonight, I don't care, you can't make me, nyah, nyah, nyah."

Mr. Bee made frozen Pizza for dinner; I had the leftovers from that today.

I've decided I now hate frozen pizza.

I've also decided to count down the days until Lollapalooza- In case you were wondering, today= 10 DAYS!

How was your weekend? What did you decide to do?

***PS Please continue to keep Stellan in your thoughts and/or prayers.***


  1. How can kids today refuse the salty, greasy love that is a Manwich? The world is not a good place anymore.

  2. If I had that much frozen pizza I'd hate it too!

  3. A 50K???? I'm not all up on my metric - but isn't that a very long distance in miles???

  4. I've decided that you should really make this a meme! Loved it!

  5. Friday evening we decided to go to Walmart and we decided to spend over $100 on groceries!

    Saturday, we decided we would go for a motorcycle ride around several winding roads close to a state park.

    After Friday and Saturday, I decided that I was not going ANYWHERE all day!

  6. Now I am in the mood for Manwich.. but it has burger in it.
    This weekend I threw a BBQ for my daughter Alexa's 8th birthday.. I don't want to see another hamburger for a very longgggggggggggggggg time :)
    I am sure you are feeling the same way about frozen pizza

  7. It's kind of a blur. To fast, not sure if I even enjoyed it. I'm tired from it so maybe I did, or maybe I didn't.


  8. Oooo, I like all of the decideds....very nice approach. :) I can relate to the long weekend, the constant crying, the turning OFF of hearing options, medals for all, and frozen pizza. Oh, and the jealousy thing. Yeah. With ya. Happy Wednesday.

  9. Isn't being a mom with small children JUST THE BEST?????!!!!?????



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