September 1, 2009

Drew's World

Drew's world is sometimes too silly for words...

Drew's world hosts a fixation on all things fecal:

-Drew's name is Mr. Farty Pants.

-The song "Dr. Worm" is now called "Dr. Poop". In Drew's world "Dr. Poop" is destined to be a number one hit. (Sample Lyrics: "Hello, I am Dr. Poop, How are you? I love you. Now I cut you.")

-Being called a "poopy diaper" is the worst insult in the world (or a total compliment, I guess.)

Movies should last 45 minutes and then be finished.

All TV channels should show Curious George all day, every day.

Chocolate should be included in the food pyramid in place of fruits and vegetables.

Chocolate Chip Muffins are a healthy breakfast.

Carrots are the devil.

Sleeping is for the weak.

The floor is much more comfortable to sleep on than a new twin sized bed.

Getting ready for bed, school or any activity is too tiring to complete.


Every time Mommy sits down in a chair is an opportunity to cuddle.

Nanas and Papas are the best playmates ever.

Jacob is "his baby".

"Tickle spiders" are real and they attack often.

Extra hugs before parting from Mommy and Daddy are a must.

In Drew's world, he always loves everyone more than they love him. He has the MOST love. (Don't you dare challenge him on this one.)

Conclusion? I hope Drew remembers he is part of this world when he is a teenager, because I surely will never forget.

Drew and Mommy cuddling. I have edited myself out, because it was NOT pretty. I was doing some crazy thing with my eye, and anyway...but look at that smile.


  1. Another cute one! Two very cuddly boys! Looks like mom is enjoying a lot of hugs!!!!

  2. Drew had me at "chocolate should be a part of the food pyramid." YEAH! Smart, smart boy!

    Good morning, SITSta—I hope you're having a fine day. Lovin' the design!

  3. Chocolate isn't part of the food pyramid?

    Drew's world sounds like a pretty great place to live!

  4. Janna, you are seriously touched; but this was cute nonetheless! OMG! I'm cracking up about sleeping on the floor instead of the twin-sized bed. Is this the same twin bed that you ran around town to find a sheet set for?? Goodness! And as far as editing yourself out, no fair! If I have to be in pictures looking CRACKED out, so do you! LMAO

  5. Sleep if for the weak! that's so funny...I was that kid too. He is so sweet, even though he loves feces LOL

  6. Well of course every channel should be showing Curious George all the time!

  7. He seems like a sensitive, lovable boy. I bet he'll always give mom hugs.



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