October 5, 2009

Not Me Monday: El Sicko Edition

I solemnly swear I did NOT do these things last Week:

I did NOT gloat at all when I kicked butt at scrabble this weekend: I beat the runner up by 50 points! (This is NOT the product getting all the big letters- and of many hours of playing scrabulous on Facebook- no, NOT at all!)

I did NOT whine about a face rash the end part of the week and all weekend that no one could see but could feel. It started to get better, than I had an outbreak before work this morning; this did NOT make me think I might be allergic to work.

I did NOT stay up too late on Saturday night watching the movie, Adventureland. I did NOT stay up too late all freaked out after watching the movie, Knowing, on Sunday. Consequently I am NOT ridiculously tired to start my workweek.

I did NOT debate with Mr. Bee during Adventureland about who was cooler, Dane Cook or Ryan Reynolds. (FTW- Ryan Reynolds- he married Scarlett Johansen, while Dean Cook was in Employee of the Month with Jessica Simpson. No contest!) This was NOT the dumbest debate ever.

I was totally NOT annoyed by Mr. Bee's sickness this week. I did NOT bitch about how annoying Mr. Bee is when he is sick.

I did NOT get a lecture from my son Drew for leaving my library book out when we were cleaning.

My son Jacob was NOT so ridiculously adorable with his catch phrases this weekend. My favorites were "I'm a bouy!" and "I'm nak3d!" which he says in a surprised fashion while pointing to his chest.

We did NOT let Jacob open a gift for his birthday two weeks early, consequently I was not ridiculously pleased at how much he love his stuffed animal- named appropriately "Puppy Dog". Poor Jacob is the "hand me down" kid- he was so happy to have something that was actually his and his alone.

I did NOT forget to take any pictures this week, leaving me to take this picture of Drew with my Cell phone, because I was totally NOT too lazy to upload pictures from my camera.

I did NOT have to say- "open your eyes, Drew, open your eyes" to get this picture.

I also did NOT promise Tina I would post about her Fundraiser/Giveaways for this month to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. It is NOT a great idea, so please do NOT go check it out!

This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


  1. too funny! I have to say Dane cook is pretty dang funny to me! who would NOT gloat over scrabble? i mean seriously...Webster's has nothing on me! Loved the Not Me Monday!

  2. The number 2 slot this week. You are amazing. I feel lucky if I make into the top 100.
    Men are such babies when they are sick!! I think that's why they get married...it's like they get a mom to take care of them again.

  3. that was funny. my hubby and I have dumb debates too.

  4. Great list. I hate when my hubby is sick too.

  5. Isn't it always fun to have a good debate with your DH? I know I love it!

  6. agreed....Ryan Reynolds is cooler!

    Men are big babies PLAIN and SIMPLE.

  7. Ryan Reynolds is so out of Dane Cook's league. My husband is always trying to make me feel guilty for not babying him when he's sick. But he's such a wimpy mess that I can't even stand to be around him.

  8. Ryan Reynolds - Yum!!

    You left a library book out??? for shame ;-)

  9. Hahaha, these are always fun to read. Sounds like a lot NOT going on over there.


  10. Stupid debates with husbands are what we have fun with and men suck when they are sick!

  11. Awww I hope hubby is feeling better, for your sake! Men are such babies!

  12. That is a ridiculous debate ... I love it!

    And I love the term "hand me down" boy ... although it sucks to be one. We give presents early too so don't feel bad.

    And Mr. Jenners is a big baby when he is sick too.



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