July 19, 2010

Let's hope it goes swimmingly

Tonight Jacob is going to his very first swim class. While he is incredibly excited, I am waiting with baited breath. You see, I decided to convince the swim director to let him into the "Ages 3-5" swim class, as opposed to putting him in the "Parent and Me" 0-3 Swim class, even though he is a little under 3 (3 months, to be exact).

Mr. B thought I should sign him up for the "Parent and Me" swim class. I've been to those classes, they are basically exist to adjust your child to the water. Jacob's there already- he's leaping into Mr. B's arms off of docks, going down water slides, trying to walk as far as possible in lakes, etc. There is a big BUT though, he has not been in a deep pool before. Drew will be there, though and he is  comfortable with the pool, and Jacob trusts his big brother.

Please think good thoughts for me about Jacob's foray into swimming, if not for Jacob, than for me to prove Mr. B wrong.*  After all, he did question if Drew would like swimming class and guess who was right then?
*Also, to ensure I don't look like an asshat for putting him in an older class, because either I come out of this looking like a confident parent or an asshat, at least to myself.


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