July 12, 2010

Drew's Guide to Life

When a joke you are telling starts to tank, a surefire way to save it is to through in the word poop.

There is such a thing as "banana poop" and it is comedy GOLD!

Close-up of an old steam train on a railroad track, Elephanta Caves, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Square When crossing train tracks, be sure to put two fingers up. This signifies that you have acknowledged the train tracks existence and that you recognize there are "two train tracks". Obviously, this doesn't apply to all train tracks.

The best place to eat in the whole entire world is Old County Buffet. You know, they have an ice cream machine there. Go there now.

You never know, you know?

Being a big brother is awesome, just make sure you ALWAYS go to bed latest. You don't want to lose that hierarchy. It's worth fighting for!

Also, every once in a while, randomly tell your Mom that you love her. She will turn to mush.


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