December 7, 2010

Days 15 and 16

Day 15- Your Dream House:

My dream house is just the right size- not too big, not too small (after all someone has to clean it- although I guess my dream house would come with a maid).We'll say 3000 square feet (over twice the size of my house now, but still maintainable). It needs to have 4 bedrooms (Master, Drew, Jacob, Guest) a den/office room, a sun room, living room, dining room and playroom. An open floor plan is ideal, with lots of light and windows for nice breezes. I've always liked the cape-cod style houses, so the outside could be that style, with window boxes containing self watering flowers on the outside of each window. A deck should wrap all long it, with a porch swing for the front and the back yard and the backyard view should  be this:
The view from Matira beach at Bora Boraphoto © 2005 Jean-Sébastien Roy | more info (via: Wylio)

See- I'm not picky at all.

Day 16- A song that makes me cry: See here.

It only took 5 months for me to get through 16 days! Chugging along, I am.


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