December 15, 2010

The Tales of the Lost Glove

Lost pink glove, Kings Crossphoto © 2010 Boaz Sachs | more info (via: Wylio) We have lost 4 Gloves at the Bee house already*.  Yes. 4. It's only DECEMBER!

I can't even begin to tell you how annoyed I was that Drew lost a glove the first week of wearing them. I promptly bought another pair, and told him to HOLD ON to that pair, and to look for the lost one. He was so excited when he came home from school the next day to tell us he had found his glove, unfortunately, he had lost one of his OTHER gloves,the replacement glove. I looked in the lost and found at his school for his replacement glove, and found a glove that looked like his spiderman gloves. Surely he couldn't have lost THAT glove, he wasn't wearing them at school, I thought. So I left it there.

I guess you know where this story is going.... it WAS his glove! needless to say, I was a little irate.*

We found a life (and money saver) though, Mitten Keepers Clip - Best One-piece Mitten Clip (Blue)**. These things should be issued to all parents of Elementary schoolers, they are awesome. He doesn't enjoy keeping his mittens on a string, but I enjoy knowing where his mittens are at all times. They are better than mitten clips, they go through the whole coat. Happy times are here again. (Yep, I know I need a life.) Now I just need to worry about his hat, scarves and boots....***

* Not all of our gloves that we lost were of Drew's doing. I lost my glove in the parking lot of the movie theater the FIRST night I wore them. So I really have no room to talk. Still, searching in the morning for gloves can make you become a hypocrite.

**Amazon affiliate link.

***In no way was I compensated for this, I just bought a great product and wanted to share!


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