April 7, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

I am one of those people that feels weird talking about this- I have been losing weight. Slowly, but gradually. I guess that is the way you are supposed to lose it, but since I don't like to do anything at all slowly, especially losing weight, I am trying to be patient. I usually give up at the point and admit defeat, but I have stayed the course through the rough patches (gaining one of the weeks was tough, but I kept at it). It's working; in a little over 2 months I have lost almost 20 pounds.

Of course, losing all this weight that I have been carrying since I became a Mother makes me just that more aware of what having children did to my body. My stomach is still so doughy, no matter the amount of sit-ups I do, and I am losing my butt first because it's the only place where I want to stay the same size. My hips are different too, where I used to be stick straight, I now have curves. It's not a good or a bad thing, it's just different. I may never wear a bikini, but that's okay, because I feel better, lighter and I look healthier. I don't have to be perfect. (I do have to remind myself of this fact now and then.)

So that is where I am at, wondering about this new post-children body that is emerging and trying to adapt to my new "lifestyle" (it's not a diet, it can't be a diet or it will never last), and trying to be patient, because that has been key. Slow, healthy lifestyle changes with occasional "cheat" meals (hey, I'm not perfect) coupled with exercising. That is what is working for me, and I will keep working on it. Patience really is a virtue, but I am tired of giving up on myself.


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