April 15, 2011

My Sing-along Songs

Here are some of my most well known and loved songs, you know back when I had time to memorize songs by listening to them over and over again, and when I could listen to anything I wanted. Some songs are just too much fun to sing, despite the lyrics.

My Mom should be so proud of me.  

*Warning: Most of these are NSFW.

Bust a Move, Young MC My sister and I made up a dance with costumes and everything to this one, for absolutely no reason, so memorization was essential to "pull it off". Luckily this is on VHS, so it can barely be watched anymore.

Sir Mix a Lot, Baby got Back This was my jam back in middle school. I'm not embarrassed at all by this statement.

Let's talk about Sex, Salt N' Pepa I learned more from this song than in my sex education class.

Good Vibrations, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Awww, Mark Wahlberg, you will always be Marky Mark to me.

Gone, Daddy Gone, The Violent Femmes This was the beginning of my "alternative" phase that included wearing my Dad's old electric blue Bell bottoms and a variety of flannels, overalls and tie dyed shirts- Stop judging me! I looked cool!

It Was a Good Day, Ice Cube I can thank my friend Marta for this one, as she repeated the lyrics  all of the time Freshman year.

Regulate, Warren G F. Nate Dogg RIP Nate Dogg. Also- regulators! Mount up. (Of course I sang it MOUND up back in the day). When I finally saw Young Guns with Mr. B, I learned the error of my ways.

Fiona Apple, Criminal Fiona, where did you go? Come back!! Truthfully I memorized almost all of the words to her songs, but I would Criminal is the most well known song by her.

What songs do you know by heart? List them in the comments below! (Especially any embarrassing ones.)


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