February 1, 2013

The Eights

I'm 6 days late in writing this, but I now have an eight year old son. Eight years, how did this happen? He's no longer my little baby. He now gets embarrassed by his parents acting goofy in front of his friends. He wants hair gel to do his hair. He has certain clothes that just are cooler than others. He had his first "big boy" party with only friends from school. (10 7-8 year old boys playing laser tag... yeah, I'll let that sink in). He has a ton of baseball cards and loves rough and tumble boy things, like fishing and archery.


He is still so sweet and considerate. He loves taking care of his baby brother. He is always looking out for his middle brother. He loves and cares for everyone in his family and his friends. He somehow turned out awesome, which is all his doing, because I was a clueless mess with him. I love that little guy. Sometimes I don't realize it, but I am lucky to have been blessed to spend 8 years with this boy.

Thanks for being awesome, Drew.


Big Boy

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