January 20, 2007

Life is better on the beach?

Due to my recent fear of anyone taking a picture of me, my son's upcoming 2nd birthday, and inspired by a friends recent 5 lb loss while on the diet, I have started on the South Beach diet again. I know, it's never been a long term weight loss option for me, but I can't diet unless I really restrict myself.

This is day one. I wake up at 8 am, make Drew's breakfast, and then my own. Egg beaters. Fried in a pan with pam. So BORING. I think I will vomit, but I eat them.

By 11 am, I am ready to throw in the towel. "There is nothing low carb to eat, so I can't do the diet," I tell Shaun. "What about my leftover chicken?" He says. Oh yeah, that. "Fine," I sniff, and eat my boring chicken.

At 2pm, we go to krogers to buy food. As we are perusing the aisles as family, I begin to feel faint and dizzy. Do I really have this bad of a sugar addiction that I am going through, dare I say it, WITHDRAWAL? I can't think, I don't even know what I'm buying. Shaun asks "have we bought anything to eat for dinner?" All of the sudden I realize, while almost through the store, I have only been concerned with the items I can eat right now. Nevermind I have a husband and son, what matters is me! I realize through my foggy head, that I should probably think about what they want too, and absentmindedly pick up hamburger meat. (Yes you are right, I forgot to buy the buns).

Now it is 7pm. I'm holding off eating until we watch our movie, and trying not to think about the beer that sounds so good as a celebration for finally being healthy. It will all be worth it in the end right? I'll keep you posted.

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