January 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Drew!

It seems like just yesterday I was taking Drew home from the hospital, now he is 2, almost potty trained, talking all the time. He isn't a baby anymore, he is a little boy. I am so happy that he is turning into such a sweet, loving and fun boy. I know I rant a little on here, but he is such a loving, cute boy, so maybe we are doing something right? Today is his big Birthday party, and I hope he enjoys it at as much as we've enjoyed these two years with him. Times have been tough most of these two years, with a lot of upheaval, but (almost) every moment with him has been a joy. Now if I could lose those last 5 baby pounds, that would be perfect. (I have lost 4 on the diet so far, and even with all of the turmoil of this week, I really haven't cheated too much!)

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