September 16, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

As of this moment, my lovely husband Shaun is probably just exiting a plane, as his work is making him fly to Tenessee to get his ass handed to him in a meeting with a certain automobile company. (I LOVE car companies. They treat their employees so nicely. Case in point: this trip he had to take when I am only 5 weeks from my due date and having about three braxton hicks contractions an hour.) Hence the reason I am even able to be on the computer- the computer hogger is gone. So I am waiting to hear from him. I hate waiting to hear from him. I hate airplanes, and I absolutely believe that you will probably die if you board one. If family are on the planes, I prepare myself for their imminent death. I know, it's neurotic, and I actually fly on airplanes without drugs, which I consider to be a major achievement, which I believe allows me this vice of nuerosis. It doesn't help that I have been an emotional wreck this pregnancy, everything sets me off.

So I am just waiting, and fretting (oh, and trying to fix my itunes which has decided that every time I download an update it needs to crash). I am also sweating because my really efficient radiator heat has decided, "screw what the pregnant woman wants, this house will be 85 degrees, because I know she must really be missing the summer heat".

Other than that, what a great weekend!

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