February 27, 2008

Things are still tough, but better....

Gosh, I know, I sound like Debby Downer in my last post, it really is ridiculous. I know that I am lucky, I really do. Shaun and I have full-time jobs that pay well. Our children are safe, healthy and beautiful. We are not in debt. These are all positives! I think when you get as sleep deprived as I have been the past two months, especially in the middle of winter when you don't get any sun, depression can really take hold. I told my mom last week that I was afraid I might die due to lack of sleep and I was serious at the time. This was after a night with Jacob having a stomach bug, which Shaun and I also caught, oh joy! Stomach bugs, possums in our garage, broken finger, sinus infection, Michigan weather, this has been a year of suckage so far.

But alas.... the sky is clearing... because Jacob slept 7 1/2 hours in a row- for two nights in a row!

Now, I am not going to jinx myself and say that I think this will happen every time, but he is learning to self-sooth, thank god. Our little family unit is getting into a routine as well. I think it has helped making Drew rest or play quietly in his room for an hour each weekend day. It's helped my sanity- as all that have spent a whole day with a three year old will attest, you must be very patient, because as a side note, he has been testing us lately.

EVERYTHING is a battle. EVERYTHING. He doesn't want to put on underwear or any clothes in the morning because he doesn't want to go to work (yes, he calls childcare "work"). He wants grilled cheese, oh now he wants quesadillas oh now he wants cookies. He wants to watch Curious George (cutest movie for kids by the way), but not THAT part. Everything is a want, and getting him to ask nicely is a challenge as well. In the morning he is particularly rude to me, I think because I have to be THE ENFORCER. I get him dressed and take him to school and let me tell you, it sucks. It's the worst part of my day, and I actually dread it more than work. I feel like I have worked a whole day before work.

He can be a difficult child, so headstrong and smart, however Drew is so loving and funny when he is not challenging me- I get so many more hugs and kisses and "I Love You"s than most Mommies get with children this age. He is such a funny boy....

A Drew-ism:

When told we had a mean possum in our garage, he said, in a stern voice "We better get a nice possum." Okay, honey, we'll get right on that.

And Jacob? A total sweetheart. He is the happiest baby I have ever seen, and has a smile for all, but the biggest smile for me. I am his favorite person, and let me tell you, it rocks. I was never Drew's favorite, or any of my pets favorite for that matter. Jacob acts as if he is seeing a rock star when I come home. He is learning so much and getting to the fun baby age, where they can really laugh (he laughs so much!) and grasp things and roll over.

So- sorry for this long post- My point is-- things ARE good- sometimes I just need to remind myself how good they are.

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