February 1, 2008

Life is Tough

Well, I have wanted to write for a while, but truthfully I haven't had the energy. I have gone back to work and it is the hardest thing I have ever done. I will write more about it, but, being the sleep deprived moron I am, I broke my finger and thus cannot type very well.

I am exhausted. Physically, mentally and emotionally. I have no time for myself, the only reason I can write this is because I stayed home with the kids because Jacob is sick (again) and there is a blizzard outside.

I will go over the basics though of the things I have wanted to blog about....

Drew turned 3 on January 27. He is a big boy now, although he has been lax in his potty training lately.

Jacob is sick all of the time.

They changed my job title at work, but have yet to really inform me of what that means. I am a Project Associate now. Um... ok.

I am breastfeeding still and it is miserable. Not the feeding but the pumping. I pump in my cubicle. Yes, I do.

I have barely lost any pregnancy weight. It is sad, but I have no time and have been stressed so I am making poor eating decisions.

Jacob is not sleeping through the night at all anymore- what happened?

Oh yeah, breaking my finger. It really sucks to break your finger when you have a newborn and toddler and are working full-time.

What a downer of a blog huh? I have nothing positive to say except that I still love my children and husband. So I will leave you with a cute picture to make it all better.

My Adorable little Men!

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