April 22, 2008

It's not easy being green....

In Honor of today being Earth day, I will make some resolutions. Next Earth day, I will write which ones I followed through on, so I won't be able to cheat. From now on I promise to:

Buy reusable cloth bags for grocery shopping.

Recycle all of my batteries properly.

Always remember to turn off my work and home computer when not in use.

Take less baths (it IS my passion, so I will limit myself to 2 a week).

Recycle Cardboard (this is a difficult one for me, but I think I can do it).

Make more babyfood and buy less canned babyfood.

Switch to cloth Diapers for at home.

Support local farmer's markets by buying produce there (I think this is a good thing for the earth, if not our economy).

Plant a tree.

Use hand towels instead of paper towels.

Now I challenge everyone else to blog this and check back on yourself a year later, and make new green resolutions.

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