April 23, 2008

Oh Why oh did I eat those Do-si-dos?

Do-si-dos are my favorite girl scout cookie. I will eat them all in one sitting with a glass of milk and like it! That's why I don't buy them. Then someone from work brought in Do-si-dos. I had two this morning. Then I had two... okay three this afternoon. I took way more than my fair share of Do-si-dos.

And now my pants are so freaking tight I can breathe. Seriously, I had to unbutton the top bottom so as to not cut off my circulation!

Do Si Do

This is what I get! Damn you Do-si-dos! Damn you and your heavenly, peanut-buttery goodness! *Sobs*


  1. i'll try to not bring more in TOO soon. (by that i mean i won't bring them in tomorrow)

  2. Thank goodness. I think I have shown that I have no self-control!

  3. You whores ate all my dosidos.



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