June 6, 2008

I Effing LOVE wii fit!

Although I do NOT appreciate them altering my mii to look like my chubby little self. I mean, honestly, is that necessary? It's the equivalent of seeing yourself at your worst, you know those pictures where your friends make you stand in front of them wearing a bikini, where they have just their head popping in the picture, making your blemishes all the more visible and they look great? Yeah, it's kind of like that. You can't hide anything when your mii looks like a weeble wobble.

Also, one more complaint, I hate how the board makes an "ohh!" sound as I step on it. I think I got the point when you puffed out my poor little mii, thank you.

I'll let you all know when my mii unpuffs, if that day should ever come. I have been working a lot on it, so we shall see!

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