July 26, 2008

9 months does not equal 9 lives!

I have had a difficult time with Jacob recently. The boy is aboslutely fearless, and never stops exploring. I have a hard time keeping him safe, even when I am right in the room! Every time I look at him he is trying to pull cords, wrap things around his neck, pulling Drew's hair and eating everything he sees on the floor (which is why I am vacuuming constantly, still he finds things). So the answer is childproofing right? Well, I have, believe me, except that some of Drew's toys aren't very baby-safe and I try to keep the really bad ones in his bedroom, I have to let him play with some in our living room. Even the walls aren't safe, Jacob uses them to walk around everywhere and then will forget to hold on and hit his head on the wall.

Drew was not this crazy and I am at a loss of what to do, I just don't have the ability to follow Jacob around, protecting him with a 1 foot radius of my arms. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am leaving on Friday and won't be back until Monday afternoon, and I am so NERVOUS for Shaun. Should I just pad the whole room down? I know kids get bumps and bruises but this is crazy!

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