July 22, 2008


So this weekend we have nothing planned. In my head this is what I have planned:

Trip to aquatic center. Not excited about bathing suit, excited about Jacob playing in the zero depth entry pool.

Visit the twins. They are so cute!

Lugnuts game
- can't decide on Family day on Sunday or Fireworks Day on Saturday.

Get a babysitter for both kids- go see Dark Knight. Celebrate not breastfeeding by getting rip roaring drunk. Regret drinking so much and ruining Sunday in the Morning.

Get a babysitter for Jacob, take Drew to see Wall-e and out to lunch as a special treat for being a good big brother. Buy him new clothes so he doesn't try to wear his 24 month jammies that say "Daddy's little helper" and look like capris.

Do nothing.

Go running.

Sit on my deck and have a glass of wine.

And somehow I want to fit this all in.... some lazy weekend!

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