April 14, 2009

Pre-Easter Leftovers

I'm too tired to post any intelligent thoughts... I am still recovering from Easter weekend. The house still has a lingering hard boiled egg-fart smell to it from boiling 24 eggs that needs to be aired out. There is still fake Easter grass on our carpet. Our chocolate bunnies have not all been eaten, and I still have some peeps with my name on them. So I will leave you with the pictures that I took at the playground on Saturday, the pictures that made my camera run out of batteries so that I could not take any pictures on Easter. They turned out pretty good, even though the sun was pretty intense that evening. Please enjoy.

Checking it out.

Almost to the slide.

Jacob's turn!

Hi Mom!


Dust bunny.

Want to know what got them giggling and running? Thousands and thousands of dollars in playground equipment and they had the most fun chasing birds.


  1. with all that sugar, I'm thinking it was an awesome day at your place!

    I am on sugar overload here; but I exhibited a bit of self-control in that I have yet to eat a Peep :D the Reese's Pieces eggs on the other hand? Those have been my only source of protein the past 2 days.

    Too bad your camera was not available for photos :-(


  2. No chocolate bunnies at the Cat Homestead, but Mama Cat did gift me and Sister Kitten with homemade chocolate chip cookies...beats them Cadbury eggs any day!

  3. Ha-my toddler loves Wide Open Spaces about as much as your two.. still looks chilly there! You're probably as ready for warm weather as we are!!

    Good luck getting through those Peeps. (:

  4. My children always loved squeeling and chasing the birds too!

  5. They are so sweet! My son always loved boxes. At Christmas he would wind up playing more with the boxes than he did the toys. ;-)

  6. Awww.... those are so cute! Too bad about that camera battery though! We are on chocolate overload here at our house - next year, I'm asking the bunny to bring stickers and bubbles, and only a little bit of candy, none of which should be a kind mommy likes!!!

  7. It's always...ALWAYS the simple things. :) I am happy to see you had a great weekend, even if the batteries did run out.

  8. Know what you mean, I've got some Mommy only Easter Candy stashed upstairs that I'm desperately trying to avoid, but not quite willing to relinquish. Stopping by from SITS; very nice blog:)

  9. If you find a way to get rid of that egg fart smell, let me know! And I can't stop eating Peeps!

  10. Yay for nice weather!

    In reading this I have discovered that this year I totally missed out on getting any Peeps. How in the world did that happen?!



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