June 25, 2009

Real Bees do Sting...

Patient: The Drama King, aka Drew Bee
Diagnosis: Hornet sting on left calf while going to sit down on Lazy Boy. Confidence was also shaken about sitting on household furniture, especially when another hornet was discovered minutes later by Mrs. Bee.
Treatment: Ice pack, Band aid, Children's Ibuprofen, and most importantly, a [very frosty] fudgesicle.
Follow up Treatment: Reassurance that an exterminator will be coming tomorrow and a thorough inspection of all chairs, sofas, and lazy boys.
Prognosis: All signs point to a full recovery.

Conclusion: Some bees are not welcome at the Bee house.

Ba dum dum!


  1. I was expecting the ending you got me!

  2. OOPs, I wasn't expecting the ending, goodness I can't type tonight!!

  3. That's cute. I'm not much of a bug person so I feel for him. Frosty, chocolate, fudginess always makes me feel better too.

  4. With the beginning of summer comes the blooming of trees, gardens and flowers, which in turn attracts bees and wasps of all kinds. But that is not the end of the worry of a sting. Many stings take place during the fall months. Reason being, bees and wasps are cold blooded insects and they linger around people in order to absorb the body heat of humans, therefore increasing the chances of getting stung.

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  5. YUM!! I'll take fudge icies over a bee sting any day!

    He is so cute. I hope that he feels better.


  6. Bees are evil! Stopping by from SITS!

  7. That smile of his looks like the recovery action plan was a success. Are you painting your house? Was that plastic on the floor? Am I delusional?



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