August 27, 2008

It took me 2 whiles to write this

I know, it's been a while. Not a horribly long while, but a while nonetheless. If a while were a measurement unit I would say it has been 8.5 whiles. I could tell you that my dog ate my computer, but I don't have a dog. I could complain about how busy I am at work, but those of you with Facebook know that that is NOT the truth. I just didn't feel like writing. I'm just kind of in a rut. I think I came back from Lollapalooza all refreshed and ready to be creative and.... oh wait. I am back to working 10 hours a day and cleaning CONSTANTLY and being Mommy for a toddler and baby and Wife and what will we do about dinner and oh it's time to pay the bills all of that good feeling was zapped a little. Not that I am depressed or anything, just kind of tired/numb. But here is my update of what I have been up to:

I took Drew on a Drew and Mommy date. We went and saw Wall-e and ate at Steak n' Shake. He LOVED Wall-e. He actually sat completely still through the first hour and twenty minutes. (The last 20 min I had to fight for, but we saw the whole thing). Steak n' shake was another matter. He was ready for his nap and would not eat or sit still. Then he threw a tantrum in the car, and proceeded to fall asleep on our way home, and did not want to go back to his nap when we got home. He was tired, but in all fairness, it was only 1:30 and normally he stays awake until 2pm for his nap. I thought the whole trip might have been a wash, he didn't seem to enjoy it after all, but then the next day we went to blockbuster and I bought him a little transformer Wall-e.* And that child has not slept without that Wall-e since then. A side effect was that now, anytime we are going to do something he thinks we are going to the movies. Also, he wants to see Wall-e again, and the DVD doesn't come out until November 18. Which might as well be 2 years from now in kid-time. (That would be 358 whiles, in case you were wondering.)
*This is a link to the review of the Wall-e toy. Apparently we bought the last one in existence.

I put up a towel bar and hand towel bar ALL BY MYSELF in our bathroom. I am awesome carpenter woman, and am now planning on whittling a bedroom set.

I actually made an appointment with a real photographer to get family pictures taken! Very excited, but I want to start dieting for the occasion. I brought cucumbers to work- thats my big effort. Cucumbers. Now I will spend the next month and a half before the pictures trying to decide what we will wear.

I booked our first family Vacay, at Great Wolf Lodge. For two nights. It's expensive, but VERY family friendly, so I hope it is fun. I am so excited, but I will try not to build it up, because then I will be disappointed. This is our first real vacation since we had children our last trip was January 2004.

This is the last time I would wear a Bikini EVER! Who Knew?

Our dryer is broken. Life is hell without a dryer and I know that now. I'm sure my Mom loves me dropping off wet clothes for her to dry, it's like my own laundry service. We ordered the part we need but it is on BACKORDER and will take 3 weeks to come in. Once it is here, THEN my hubby will try and fix it. Oh yeah, he's never fixed a dryer before. I am sure it will go well.

Then there is the great baby boom of little mice in my house. I will not speak more of this because it is DISGUSTING and the first time I have seen mice in our upstairs. All I will do is quote my husband whose main job at home now is mice removal. "I am so moused out".

Oh and this weekend? Hubby and I have a babysitter. I am so excited I could burst. Last time we had a babysitter at night was for my birthday 3 1/2 months ago. Thanks go to my Mother-in-law! Maybe a night out with the hubby will give me back some of my mojo.

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