August 28, 2008

Pontiac is the armpit of the hand AKA blog of randomness.

How many Coney Islands can you have in a 3 block radius? If you are Pontiac, MI you can have 30 of them.... and no other restaurants. Sorry to hate on Pontiac, can't help it.

Another side note... we now have a live trap that we have been using to try and catch a certain beloved family member that has outstayed his welcome. Our Woodchuck. He has been with us since we moved here, and is fairly harmless except for his decimation of our deck. The first night we set the trap we caught a possum. I would have a picture except I hate those things. He (?) is now living in a nature preserve by my Husband's work.

Today we caught Mr. Woodchuck, who was not quite as menacing as the Possum.

Oh look our own little Zoo!

I Can Has Broccli?


Little guy has been relocated. So long Mr. Woodchuck, you will be missed, at least a little!

PS I know y'all watched the future president of the United States on TV tonight. Good for you! When questioning who to vote for just think of it this way- who has your best interests at heart, a hardworking family man or a 90 year old (ok I'm exaggerating, but only a little) billionaire?

Oh wait how did that picture get there? Just sayin'.


  1. Awww he's so cute!!! (the woodchuck)

    I also enjoy that you've taken a picture of your husband taking a picture.

  2. He is a very sweet woodchuck. Somebody told me they were vicious, but poor guy just looked scared. That possum on the other hand, was ready to strike.

  3. Possums are satan spawn, I don't even want to look at them with their freakish little eyeballs.

  4. Hell yeah! Eight years is ENOUGH! :-)



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